Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 New Frozen Treat Guide

Alrighty, I had toyed with making this year's product guide just a facebook photo album, but it's making it hard for me to gauge how far Nick and I have gotten through this season's products. [Then I started the guide and my phone glitched and lost a chunk of my new product photos!]. Anyway, without further ado, I give you the condensed 2014 New Frozen Treat Guide. Enjoy, keep score, and scoop on! (Just like every year, this is a work in progress. If you see something new, let us know in the comments, by email, through facebook, or via twitter. Thanks! Oh, and all links lead to our reviews unless stated otherwise)

Ben & Jerry's
Cherry Garcia Greek Froyo (limited batch)Candy Bar Pie (pints later this year)

Pistachio Gelato (Nick review pending)
Pomegranate Swirl Gelato (Nick review pending)

Hazelnut gelato (Target exclusive)

Gelato: Caramel Truffle - Hazelnut Truffle
Dark Chocolate Truffle - Vanilla with Milk Chocolate Truffles
Light ice cream ["A little less indulgent"] (announcement)
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean  -  Chocolate Chip  -  Mint Chocolate Chip

Magnum Infinity Ice Cream Bars
Infinity Chocolate & Caramel (Target exclusive)

Limited Edition Summer Berry Cobbler

Blue Bunny
Flan ice cream     Cuatro Leche ice cream
Coconut Mango Swirl (in Nick's freezer)
Caramello bars (spied last year, official this year)

Edys / Dreyers
(early 2014 choices)
(May-August choices)
edy's new york cheesecake (grand & slow churned)
edy's fun 'n the sun banana split (grand & slow churned)
[edy's german chocolate cake returns from 2013]
Edy's Outshine Fruit & Veggie Bars

Blue Bell
I love chocolate ice cream
Red, White & Blue Bell Ice Cream
[should be more limited flavors coming out as the year goes on]

all natural Dark Chocolate ice cream
Otto's Cupcake (technically end of 2013)
French Roast Coffee ice cream
[seven new scoop shop flavors (announcement)]

[many news bars and whatnot]

Klondike Kandy Bars

Baskin Robbins (grocery store)

lots of pint flavors, Nick will be reviewing
1st review: Jamocha Almond Fudge
(not the same as in store Quarts)

3 ice cream bars to choose from

Three Twins
land of milk and honey  --  chocolate chip cookie dough  --  brownie batter chunk

Light Stuff
weight watchers greek frozen yogurt (strawberry swirl & black cherry swirl)
weight watchers ice cream cups (chocolate fudge brownie & mint chocolate chip)
weight watchers bars (nick's freezer)
starburst strawberry sorbet bar

Ciao Bella
[Ciao Bella has all new packaging for 2014]
Ciao Bella Bourbon Caramel Chocolate Gelato (announcement)

Sam's Choice ice cream, froyo & sorbet
(raspberry white chocolate reviewed first)

Dannon Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt
Key Lime - Black Cherry - Strawberry - Latte (Pints)
Vanilla - Chocolate (Pints or single serve 3-pack)

Dream Almond Gelato
(makers of Almond Dream  and Rice Dream products)
Coconut Almond - Chocolate Indulgence - Sea Salt Caramel

Peel-a-pop first spied in banana, and then a grape flavor!
(Nestle Canada released these as Peelin' Pops in 2013)
[Also, I've seen a review for these... I ain't trying them]

SoBe lifewater frozen bars
(new for 2013, but just finally seeing them now!)
Strawberry Kiwi   -   Pacific Coconut
Pomegranate Cherry   -   Yumberry Pomegranate

Fruit Dips (new?)
[regular] just ripe banana   -   so fresh strawberry
[greek yogurt] wild blueberry   -   so fresh strawberry

Just like every year, this is a work in progress. If you see something new, let us know in the comments, by email, through facebook, or via twitter. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Why are you not going to review the wonka pops?

Dubba said...

watch the face this person makes:

Anne Sutton said...

OK this comment is only related by the fact that it's an ice cream question, but.....I was sitting on my couch last night eating a double chocolate Talenti pop and read the ingredient list. I had no idea it had vermouth in it. Do many ice creams contain alcohol? Maybe you need to review ice creams containing liquor specifically?

Dubba said...

ha, a few people thought I was crazy when I said there was alcohol in their double dark chocolate gelato pints, but I was right! In general, alcohol is a rare thing, but high end companies (like Talenti) do dabble with it on occasion.

Adam said...

Alcohol prevents ice crystals. Vodka is often used in homemade low fat ice creams. I use it (and I don't even drink)

Nick Rovo said...

Adam, while that's true, that's not the reason why Talenti uses the vermouth. They use it for the taste and note that in their description of the flavor.