Saturday, February 1, 2014

Edy's Red Velvet Cake Grand Ice Cream

[New for 2014, returned in 2015 & 2016] Yeah, I'm thinking February is going to turn in to red velvet month. From M&Ms to blizzards to cakes to ice creams, it's all over the place.

Edy's / Dreyer's Luscious Red Velvet Cake Grand Ice Cream
Red Velvet ice cream with a cream cheese frosting swirl and red velvet cake pieces

Oh so red... well pink really, but it's complete, as opposed to say the stark color contrast of the swirls in Blue Bunny's version. I had hoped to see more cake bites... but then I always do.

I take my first bite: yeah, it's got that cake flavor tingle. I take my second bite: and there's the cream cheese. Hmmm, yeah, this one tastes exactly like I expect it too. Nothing fancy going on here. (but to be honest, it's so pink, I almost think I taste strawberries). It's cake flavor, red velvet more or less, and it's not super strong like B&J's version and it's not weak like the Blue Bunny version. I'm thinking we should call that a win for Edy's.

On Second Scoop:  So there's nothing particular wrong with this product, no real compliants, but you guys know I'm not a huge cake flavor fan. I have moments, but nothing serious. I wound up finishing my first bowl with some rice krispies mixed in, and my second run in became this breakfast sundae. I did have a bit more before writing this post and all I can say is that it tastes exactly like you would expect it to. Yes, there should be way more cake bits (they're nothing great, kind of dry, kind of scarce), and the swirl adds a cheesecake flavor when you find some of it, but like there's nothing really here for me to say, sorry. If you dig red velvet or cake ice creams, you'll like this, no worries.

Verdict?  middle of the road flavor should work for the right crowd
Buy Again?  if my wife wants me to


  1. I just hope they bring these bakery inspired ice creams to my local freezer!

  2. I think the pink is very unappealing visually. I get that it's supposed to be that color, but all I'm thinking is Pepto Bismal.

  3. I just got this about an hour ago. It's the first ice cream in my life that I want to throw out. It's disgusting. Advertised creaminess is NOT there. It's like eating diet newspaper. On top of that these chunks of red velvet cake pieces taste like chunks of cardboard. This thing is loaded with chemicals, high fructose corn syrup and SOY!
    Honestly, this thing does not deserve to be in my freezer. It goes straight into the trash.
    I had craving for ice cream. Ate some of it and I didn't feel like I'm eating real ice cream. My mouth feels dry/chemicaly now ... kinda like when I drank diet Snapple long time ago. Maybe they add Aspartame to it and don't say? That would explain that dry mouth feeling.

  4. @Anon1: I'm ok with pink, red scares me more

    @Anon2: my apologies to your taste buds, out of curiousity, how do you feel about cake flavors in general? have you had the B&J version?


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