Friday, September 24, 2021

Nestle Sensations Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamilk

I did something foolish. I ignored the voice that told me to skip this because I had hoped there might be a chance that it would be decent. Well, I was wrong.

I really hate the texture of these things. Sure, a decade ago, I was a big fan of the cookies & cream one that Hershey had put out, but nowadays, it's just food science and profit margins.

I never went back after those first few sips. I've had similar products with similar textures and I have no interest in them. I'd much rather get something from Promised Land Dairy because those are delicious.

Verdict?  ewwwww
Buy Again?  no

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Walmart Great Value Biscuits & Jam Ice Cream

[New for 2021] Walmart ice cream is nothing new, but we are getting a new form factor. There are the regular flavors in the standard branded pints, but then there are also seven fancier flavors in black pints (a throw back to the "Sam's Choice" lineup? example review here). Will these products be interesting? 

Walmart Great Value Biscuits & Jam Ice Cream
sweet cream ice cream with southern style biscuit pieces and blueberry jam

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Nestle Tollhouse Cookies & Creme Cookie Dough

[New for 2021] Did you notice that Nestle came out with another edible cookie dough flavor this year? I haven't been really paying attention to the cookie dough section at the store, but I have always wondered if I would enjoy a C&C flavored cookie dough. Well, time to find out!

Nestle Tollhouse Cookies & Creme Edible Cookie Dough

Sunday, August 29, 2021

So, what are you eating right now?

I still haven't made it out to Whole Foods (or Roche Bros), and my last random trip to Wegman's was pretty boring. So, I've just been buying what's on sale. I had been on a streak of just mixing Turkey Hill's all natural vanilla with whatever was laying around (usually cookies), but the last few weeks it's been about chowing down on the Ben & Jerry's and Haagen-Dazs stashes.

I made these this morning using some cheap strawberry cookies and some Haagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream. The ice cream was definitely better than the cookies. I have a smidge of Beach Day left and I also threw that on a bit of cookies and that combo actually worked better that this combo. Oh yeah, the pink crumbs are smashed Ghostbusters cereal (I'm pretty sure I liked the original Ghostbusters cereal so I had to try the new one).

So, what are you eating right now? It can be a goto favorite or something new or something you think doesn't get the attention it deserves. And you aren't limited to just one answer either.

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, August 23, 2021

Do you like the new Haagen-Dazs packaging?

Sorry for the lack of posts. Real life has been very busy while there's not a ton going on in the freezer aisle. So, let's ask a question: do you like the new Haagen-Dazs packaging?

H-D was on sale this week, so I stocked up a bit (to off set all the Ben & Jerry's in the chest freezer). I'm happy with my choices, though admittedly they didn't have a ton to choose from.

This was the first new pint design that I saw and it's probably still my favorite. I like the colors and I also like how the flower inspired the overall pattern. Now go back to the first picture and you will notice the flavor also inspired those background patterns as well.

And this is the Haagen-Dazs caramel cone ice cream sundae I made with the new Dulce de Leche Toast Crunch cereal. Ahhh, fun times. I devoured that caramel cone pint which then encouraged the four pint purchase above.

Apparently I haven't figured out my new phone yet...

So, yeah, Haagen-Dazs is still tasty and now comes in updated packaging. This is now the fourth pint design that we've seen since I started the blog (there was the design when I started in 2008, redesign in 2010, redesign in 2017, redesign here in 2021)