Saturday, May 18, 2024

Edy's Churro Caramel Crossroads Ice Cream

[New for Early 2023] Oh Edy's (Dreyer's), how little you effect my life these days. It's just hard to keep them in mind when I just don't see them that much now, and if I do, it's usually just a handful of standard flavors. The only thing really going on with them is the rocky road collection, and I don't see much of that around here. However, Market Basket does have them from time to time, so, let's take a scoop of...

Edy's / Dreyer's Churro Caramel Crossroads Ice Cream
caramel ice cream - churro pieces - fudge swirls

Saturday, May 11, 2024

State of the Freezer Address - 16 Years!

It's hard to believe, but the blog is now old enough to apply for a learner's permit! Alright, let's talk about what's in the freezers and then we'll go from there.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Deluxe Ice Cream

[New for 2024] I was looking for ice cream news back in March when I stumbled upon a Pennsylvania news article that was talking about how Giant (Stop & Shop) had a new ice cream out that they called a duplicate of Ben & Jerry's. The thing is though, the folks who own Giant/S&S also own Hannaford (Food Lion), and since 2021, Hannaford has had their own brand of ice cream that they tout as a cost effective alternate to B&J's.... Big surprise, both come from the same plant in Maine. Let's dig in to....

Deluxe Ice Cream - Brookie Dough
vanilla and chocolate ice cream blended together with cookie dough and brownie bits
Deluxe Ice Cream - Strawberry Cheesecake
cheesecake ice cream with strawberries and graham cracker ribbon

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Non-Dairy Strawberry Showdown

I wasn't sure how excited you would all be about the new oat milk based options from Walmart, but then I realized we could have a little fun with it. I recently picked up a pint of Talenti's retooled recipe #80 (summer strawberry sorbetto), so why not compare that strawberry non-dairy option to Walmart's non-dairy strawberry option? Could be fun... maybe. Let's find out!

bettergoods Strawberry Oatmilk non-dairy frozen dessert
sun-ripened strawberries belnded in creamy oatmilk
Talenti Summer Strawberry dairy-free sorbetto
real strawberries blended with a hint of lemon

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy "Milk" & Cookies

[New Recipe for 2024] Yes, I'm back again with yet another non-dairy flavor. I think I'm getting closer to finding one that I could actually slide in to my regular rotation...  maybe....

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy "Milk" & Cookies
vanilla non-dairy frozen dessert with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies & chocolate cookie swirl

Sunday, April 14, 2024

DQ Picnic Peach Cobbler Blizzard

[New for Spring 2024] When you heard about the new peach blizzard at DQ, could you imagine what it would taste like? After trying it today, I can say that it probably tastes like how you imagine. At least it did for me.

Dairy Queen Picnic Peach Cobbler Blizzard
soft serve, peach topping, and buttery cobbler pieces