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Hello and welcome to On Second Scoop, a site dedicated to cataloging frozen treats since 2008. Now I know there are millions of blogs out there, so I decided to focus this one on something that I've loved since I was a kid: Ice Cream! I love talking about ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, toppings, shakes, and cakes. I know I can be fairly technical sometimes, but when a treat is really good, the talk becomes much more passionate as I do my best to encourage people to try whatever new treat I have discovered.

Now there are two ways for something to get on the blog. One, I go out and get it. Of the over 2100 products reviewed on this blog, the majority of the products are purchased with my own money (though preferably when they are on sale).  The other way is when I receive ice cream samples or coupons in the mail. Sometimes companies may not be local, or maybe the product hasn't even hit store shelves yet. Nothing puts a smile on my face like when a big styrofoam box arrives filled with goodies and dry ice. (note: products are allowed to rest in the chest freezer before consumption)

Getting your stuff covered by On Second Scoop

If you've got a new product that you want to share with thousands of hungry readers and instagram followers a month, send me an email at secondscoop at gmail.com. Many of these followers are some of the most passionate ice cream fans, the kind that try a new product and then tell all their friends to try it. All the major ice cream companies have taken advantage of this fact at one point or another, and so I encourage you to do the same.

What you get in the review

Pictures, lots and lots of pictures. I've gotten pretty good photographing ice cream after 15 years of practice. From there, I will build a review in two parts. It all begins with the "first scoop". This is when I first pick up a treat. I may comment on packaging, initial impressions, and then I will take my first sampling. My "secret" is to then wait a day or two and go back for the infamous "second scoop". I may have set my expectations too high or too low the first time, or maybe the mood wasn't quite right. Whatever it is, I will do a second analysis of the treat. Now I know most blogs will combine everything into one review, but I try to elaborate on the whole experience so as to give a complete and less biased interpretation of the treat. My goal is not to tell my readers how to feel about a treat. Instead, I want to give the reader enough information that they can go off and form their own opinion.

Product Testing

Have something you want sampled but not officially reviewed? I can do that too. Sometimes it's nice to have an outside opinion. Sure you could do product testing on people that might have ice cream once a month, but wouldn't it be nice to have the perspective of someone who eats it everyday? (and sometimes more than once a day)

Content Creation

Need help with creating content for your social media accounts? I can help. Just ask the thousands of people that follow me on instagram, twitter, facebook, and tumblr. While the photos on the blog are technical in nature, it's the social media accounts that get re-posted by companies that are proud of the fun I've had with their products. Or maybe you just want a fresh set of eyes on your website, I can help with that too.

In conclusion

For full disclosure, I want to admit that I have no culinary credentials. In fact, my only food industry experience is flippin' burgers. I grew up when grocery stores carried vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and not much else. If you wanted something "crazy", you had to go to a convenience store and pick up something like cookies 'n cream. I've eaten a lot of ice cream since then. I still remember broadening my horizons with Black Raspberry and Rocky Road from Friendlys. In college, it was all about Brigham's and Ben & Jerry's, and so on and so forth. I adore ice cream and I will do my best to review your product honestly. I understand that a low fat froyo can not be compared to a super premium ice cream. I also get the whole price to taste ratio. It all comes into play here. Just remember, this isn't some blog that has dozens of reviews, it has thousands of reviews.


So, if you are interested in a family friendly review of your latest treat, let me know at secondscoop at gmail.com. I can't guarantee a positive review, but it will be honest and complete. I'm not going to embellish my review just so you send me more samples, it's all about analyzing how your product fits into this wonderful freezer aisle of ours.

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