Thursday, July 27, 2017

What do you think of Kroger ice cream?

While some mid Atlantic grocery stores are just continuations of my local stores, like their Food Lion is my Hannaford, there are two stores I wanted to check out in particular: Kroger and Harris Teeter. Nick has reviewed several pints from Kroger during his travels southwards, but this was the first time I got to walk their aisles. Here are some of the more interesting things that I found. It's a wide ranging selection as they have options in premium, regular, light, and even gelato.

Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Vice Cream Afternoon Delight Ice Cream

[New for 2016] Vice Cream was on sale for $3.99 a pint so I decided to buy my first pint of ice cream in two weeks. Yes, I actually went two weeks without buying a pint of ice cream. Yes it felt kind of weird. Now this is one of their 2016 flavors but hopefully they've worked out their manufacturing issues by now.

Vice Cream Afternoon Delight Ice Cream
vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, milk chocolate sea salt caramel truffles,
salted caramel ripple and fudge ripple

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hardees Milkshakes and the Nosh Show Episode 108

Hey Nosh Show Listeners! I'm afraid I'm not on Episode 108 of the Nosh Show because I was busy "relaxing" (aka not relaxing) in Virginia. While the guys were recording the show without me, I did get a chance to try the shakes at Hardees (aka Carl Jrs).

I was impressed with how much I enjoyed the strawberry shake, it hit the spot with my so-so "charbroiled" chicken sandwich (aka a piece of chicken that was sort of warm and seemed to have taken a bath in some red dye). I preferred the fun strawberry flavor over the syrup heavy chocolate shake my wife was drinking. However, she had the opposite opinion. My daughter tried both the vanilla (on our first visit) and the chocolate (on our second visit) and she preferred the vanilla.

That said, our only true complaint was that they weren't larger. Ok, technically my daughter did mention that she would prefer a thinner shake with her meal but that's just personal preference there as I definitely prefer a shake that feels more traditional (aka just milk and ice cream).

So, have you had Hardee's (Carl Jr's) shakes before? What do you think of them? Do you get them often? Do you get them with whipped cream?  I think I would prefer their shake over the other fast food chains and I was a little sad that I didn't get to sneak in one more before our journey ended.

Alright, that's it for now, have a good week everybody. There will be a few upcoming posts about some stuff I found in Virginia later on this week.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cumberland Farms Toasty S'mores Ice Cream

My home ice cream selection doesn't do me much good at work, so I often wander off to find myself a treat. I've already tried most of the new 2017 stuff, so sometimes I have to improvise. And sometimes when you improvise, you grab the 2 for $7 deal.

Cumberland Farms Toasty S'mores Ice Cream
dark chocolate flavored chunks, chocolate covered graham pieces
and a toasted marshmallow swirl in graham cracker flavored ice cream

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Turkey Hill Blueberry Ice Cream

[New for 2017] Disclaimer: blueberry ice cream is not my thing. Ok, I say that about a lot of things, but it's just not something I gravitate towards unless there is an x-factor like pie crust bits. That said, I wanted to try at least one more of the new flavors in Turkey Hill's all natural line up.
(Note: this line up is what I eat when I'm not eating/reviewing something new).

Turkey Hill All Natural Blueberry Ice Cream
blueberry ice cream