Friday, April 20, 2018

Gelato Fiasco Double Caramel Cookies & Cream

[New for 2018] Ok, time to finally show you one of the other free samples Gelato Fiasco sent over two months ago. I covered all the new nutty options then, but what about the one that toys with my favorite classic flavor: Cookies & Cream.

Gelato Fiasco Double Caramel Cookies & Cream Gelato
caramel gelato, salted caramel swirl, chocolate cookies

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ben & Jerry's Caramel Cookie Fix Ice Cream

[New for 2018] Let's just cut the pleasantries and be honest with the fact that I hated the first pint of Moo-phoria I tried. P.B. Dough didn't work for me on any level and I literally threw it out (which almost never happens here at OSS). With that in mind, prepare for a review of...

Ben & Jerry's Caramel Cookie Fix Ice Cream
vanilla with salted caramel swirls & shortbread cookie

Monday, April 16, 2018

Turkey Hill Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Trio'politan All Natural Ice Cream

[New for 2018] If you follow me on twitter than you may have noticed that I try to encourage Turkey Hill to add more all natural flavors. I feel a little like a broken record but their all natural line up is basically my nighttime snack for about 85-90% of my evenings. I love old fashion ice cream and nothing reminds me of good 80s mainstream ice cream like Turkey Hill All Natural does. I wish more companies would move this way rather than messing with sugar replacement.

Turkey Hill All Natural Trio'politan Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Ice Cream
vanilla bean, chocolate & raspberry chocolate chip

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blue Bunny Cookie Dough Co. Load'd Sundae

[New for 2018] The Loaded name has returned... sort of... ok, not really, but technically speaking the name "LOAD'D SUNDAES" does remind me of the old Edy's Loaded lineup (reviewed here and here). Anyway, there are 8 of these new, neat looking Blue Bunny sundaes, often at three bucks a pop. That probably seems a little high, but technically you are getting the equivalent of half a pint (8.5 fluid ounces) of frozen treat. To quantify the new line up: all but the strawberry one has either nuts or peanut oil in the mix.

Blue Bunny Cookie Dough Co. Load'd Sundae*
cookie dough ice cream; fudge and cookie dough swirls; cookie dough;
chocolaty chunks; chocolaty fudge bunnies

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Burger King Frosted Frozen Coke

[New for April 2018] Thanks to a tip from Anne, I headed over to the BK website to see that they now have Frozen Fanta Lemonade (what I assume is basically a lemon ICEE), a frosted frozen fanta lemonade aka frosted lemonade aka trying to steal Chick-fil-A's thunder, and....

Burger King Frosted Frozen Coke
frozen coke blended with soft serve