Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dean's Country Fresh Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

[New for 2014] Ok, are you ready for a new brand on the blog? No, it's not another high end company that's going to drain your wallet, it's actually a main stream company that I stumbled upon while searching for the new Cool Haus pints. Haven't heard of Dean Foods? Well, they own different dairy companies in different regions, for me it's Garelick, but rather then run down every company, just know that they are the folks behind Tru Moo. Unfortunately, since they are a huge dairy company and not just an ice cream company, they seem to have forgotten to create a website where we can find their new flavors...

Dean's Country Fresh Red Velvet Cake Premium Ice Cream
Red velvet cake flavored ice cream and cake pieces swirled with a cream cheese ribbon

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Graeters "A Little Less Indulgent" Ice Cream
Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, & Chocolate Chip

[New for 2014] Graeters isn't just offering up four new gelatos this year, they also came out with a line of "A little less indulgent" ice creams as they call it. Nick and I both received two free samples out of the three new flavors available, so here's our all encompassing review, enjoy!

Graeter's Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gelato Fiasco Torched Marshmallow S'mores Gelato

[By Nick] There's not going to be an introduction or any back story today. No, there's just no time for that. What I want you to do is go find your keys. Seriously, go find them and I'll be waiting for your return. Got them? Good.

Gelato Fiasco Torched Marshmallow S'mores Gelato

Now please sit down because what I'm about to say is something you rarely hear on the site. This gelato is one of the greatest frozen desserts I have ever encountered in my life. I'm having a hard time deciding where to start talking about this amazing flavor.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Nosh Show Episode 34

Hello everyone! I had a crazy review post that was going to go with this week's edition of the nosh show... but things didn't go quite as planned. Grocery store troubles aside, I have all the ingredients now so the crazy post should be up on Wednesday after we check out a gelato review from Nick tomorrow.

Speaking of Nick, guess where he's going to be Thursday night from 5-7? Whole Foods Albany! They are having a free ice cream social! Nick and Whole Foods worked out five sundaes to try or you can make your own, how fun is that? We've set up a facebook event here (directions, etc). So, Nick, Free All Natural Ice Cream, lots of toppings, Whole Foods in Albany, NY, Thursday 5-7PM. Ok, got it? Good! Bonus points to anyone who tweets us a photo from the event!  --I'd send a prize for tweeting but you'll already be eating free ice cream  :) 

Ok, here's episode 34 of the Nosh Show! Marvo, Eric, Ryan and I join forces to keep you on the cutting edge of junk food and fast food. We've got new poptarts, new soda, new Combos, and one giant cookie that begs to have ice cream on top of it. We'll delve in to this years Lay's Do Us a Flavor contest before wrapping up some rapid fire silliness (with yours truly unable to remember who's turn it is to speak). Listen with the embedded player above, subscribe on itunes, subscribe on stitcher, or download an MP3. As always, thanks for listening!