Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Breyers BLASTS! Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake

[New for 2014] Do you remember this flavor from long, long ago? It's been gone a long time, but it's finally back! (and if I hate it, I'm pretty sure I can pawn it off on the Mrs)

Breyers BLASTS! Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Dairy Dessert
Cheesecake flavor with other natural flavors,
strawberry swirl and cheesecake pieces with graham crust

You know, I was gonna say I this was another disaster.... but it ain't that bad. I had a few bites when I didn't have time for more, and it was just so-so, but I went back and found a cache of those cheesecake bits, and they helped hook me. See, both the cheese and the strawberry flavors are fairly tame, nothing crazy. So, when you mix those mild flavors with a nice size cheesecake bite in every other spoonful, the overall product kind of works. Nothing stupendous mind you, but it's decent.

On Second Scoop:  Back for more and this one ain't bad, especially without the guilt of a super premium fat content. The swirl is a simple, tame, and abundant strawberry that works with the very mild base. Too many of these blast varieties beat your taste buds in to submission, but this one takes it easy on you. If you don't mind the ingredient list, their's no reason you shouldn't enjoy this one.

Verdict?  better than expected
Buy Again?  if my wife asks me too


Adam said...

I usually pass on the Breyer's blasts but they had a 5/10 deal at my Harris Teeter, and I wanted to give this one a try. I definitely liked it. The strawberry swirl is actually really viscous and tart, kind of like those little sundae cups. The cheesecake surprised me with how cheesy--in a savory way--it was, and the flavors definitely make up for the lack of the sweet cream flavor you get in the Blasts.

Anonymous said...

I liked it very much. It is not too sweet and you can taste the cream cheese and graham crackers.

Anonymous said...

O mannnn! I love this stuff. What a flavor! Apparently, I'm not the only one cuz I went back tonight and it was GONE!! The reg strawberry isn't cutt III ng it.

Anonymous said...

This blast brand is nasty. The original taste so much better.