Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quick Review: Starburst Strawberry Sorbet Bar

[New for 2014] Now hopefully at some point these will be available in all four standard starburst flavors because I always reach for cherry starburst first, but the strawberry was just peering down at me from the Wal-mart shelf so I had to give these a try.

Starburst Strawberry Sorbet Bar

HAHAHAHA, they made it square like an starburst!
(the downside being that literally half of this box is just empty space)

The scary thing is.... it really does tastes like a Strawberry Starburst. There's that something-something that makes starburst different and I'm picking that up here. Ahhh, the beauty of food science. You could almost say it has a milky vibe to it, plus it does have some bite.

The downside is that this form factor is kind of impractical to eat, and then this is made worse by these strange little ice chunks which i'm hoping is just a fluke on this first bar.

On Second Scoop: just read the ingredients, why is their skim milk in a "sorbet"? I mean I suspected as much on the first scoop, but why not call this a sherbet bar? It's not like a starburst is a pure sugar treat like a jolly rancher, so why pretend this is sorbet? Semantics aside, this is fun treat, I won't argue that despite the odd shape. It's a brightly flavored, 70 calorie snack. Sure the texture has the random tiny icy chunks, but I was able to ignore them (maybe something happened in shipping along the way). If you are even remotely interested in these, don't be afraid to pick them up.

Verdict?  fun
Buy Again?  yeah, but I'm hoping they come out with more flavors instead

According to Mars, these are available in single serve versions as well

Nut contamination? Really Mars?


Anonymous said...

The Starburst Sorbet Bars are amazing! I hope they come out with the other 3 original flavors. The are already gone from the shelves in my area. I'm dying to get my hands on more!

Angel Martin said...

OMG these are awesome! Only 70 calories which is fantastic! I have purchased 7 boxes of these so far---my husband and I started diets where we count our calories.
These make for an awesome evening summer snack! My husband is not a big ice cream eater but I turned him on to these starburst strawberry sorbet bars and we are both hooked. We just got finished eating one and we wish they would come out with some other flavors! Love the strawberry but I would like to switch up every now and then. Diet is going good and these bars put a big smile on my face! Angel & James Martin---Elgin, Oklahoma

Debbie said...

Me and my family love the new bars we found them in singles at wawa glad to hear that they come in boxes were taking a walmart trip strawberries our favoritr but would love to try all flavors even tropical flavors thanks for the new bars yummy

The Makeup Pixie said...

Still love these!