Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ben & Jerry's SNL Batches
Lazy Sunday and Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch

[New for 2014, only in Scoop Shops] Greetings all. You've all heard about the Saturday Night Live inspired flavors that are coming to Ben & Jerry's scoop shops right? There will be four flavors in all, and the first two were released just days apart. The problem is, what do you do when you can't decide which new SNL batch flavor to try?

You can ask for both of them ofcourse!

So, this isn't going to be a perfect review because as you may have suspected, the flavors did run in to each other a bit, and that's on top of the fact that you don't get a ton of each when you ask for both (I know, I know, should have gone with a double!). That said, I like to think I got a pretty good idea of both so I can help you pick one or the other next time you see a scoop shop.

So, we've got Lazy Sunday on top. It's "Vanilla cake batter ice cream with chocolate & yellow cupcake pieces & a chocolate frosting swirl". The cake batter flavor is fairly strong, but not crazy strong, nor is it artificial in nature.

Cupcake pieces? Yeah, there are plenty! And they look great don't they? They are a good size and have gooey texture. This is definitely a fun one for cake lovers. Yup, there's also a fudge swirl that gives a bit of flavor here and there. This one is as described. Get it if it tempts you!

On the bottom is Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch. It's "Chocolate & sweet cream ice creams with caramel clusters, fudge-covered almonds & a marshmallow swirl". Basically it's jazzed up Rocky Road, which isn't a bad thing since Ben & Jerry's doesn't currently have such a flavor. My (mild) problem was that I couldn't really pick up the marshmallow, or the caramel, or even the fudge covering for that matter [Maybe there was just too much else going on in my bowl].

Basically I got a respectable chocolate ice cream with lots of small almond thuds >> smaller almonds are a good thing, I would have be thrown off by giant almonds. You can see from the photo that the caramel clusters have kind of broken up a bit. I wasn't wowed, but it was definitely good enough to try again at some point.

So, there you have it, quick reviews of both flavors. The best way to sum this up is that both of these could easily be successful pints. Lazy for it's cake bits, and Gilly's for being a Rocky Road addition to their line up. Well played Ben & Jerry's. We shall see what happens next year.

Lazy Sunday Verdict? As advertised
Gilly's Verdict?  Decent, but I want/need to try again

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  1. Going to try and grab a pint of both of these when i visit Pittsburgh next weekend. Good review.


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