Thursday, February 13, 2014

Perry's All Natural Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

[New for 2014, discontinued] So in 2012, Perry's debuted a new All Natural line with four flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Maple Walnut, and Chocolate Chip. Last year they debuted the new Black Cherry flavor, and for this year, it looks like we are getting.....

Perry's All Natural Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

It doesn't look that dark....

Whoa! I'm not sure that I've ever seen an ice cream become so much darker when scooped (notice how the smooth part is much darker). It almost looks like you can see the cocoa bits in the dark parts. Funky! I take a few bites and it definitely has a mild, dry, bitterness to it. It's nothing crazy, but it's undeniable.

A take a few more bites and there's almost an alcoholic quality to it... oh, chocolate liquor is one of the lesser ingredients, that must be it right? It's not alcohol per say, but it's not the same as using cocoa either. Not to be rude to Perry's latest all natural endeavor, but it's kind of weird (in a "I don't usually eat stuff like this" kind of way).

This one feels like something you would pair with a fancy dessert, rather than something you eat on its own. It really needs something to balance it out. Ok, I definitely need a second scooping on this one, but for now, it's time for a pretzel microwave popcorn!

On Second Scoop: Ok, I don't know what it is, but the first few bites are fine, but then something starts reacting with my taste buds and it goes down hill. I adored last year's dark chocolate Queen of Hearts, but I just can't settle in to this one.... so I pawned it off on my wife. She nicely said that it wasn't bad, but after a bowl, there's just nothing driving her to want it again (though she did thankfully finish it off for me). 

On Third Scoop: Perry's wound up sending me another container of this ice cream and my best advice is to pair it with something. There's a lot of sundae fun you can have with this dark chocolate so I'm going to upgrade "Buy Again" to maybe.

Verdict? don't love it
Buy Again?  maybe


  1. I believe the chocolate liquor is not actually liquor in the traditional sense. If I recall correctly, it is just a form of liquid cocoa. I think that chocolate liqueur is the alcoholic beverage that tastes like chocolate.
    Although, I might be off on some technical details and/or they may have just labeled it differently.

    Also, your description of the ice cream does make it seem like it might be a dark chocolate base that would lend itself to mix-ins, if I come by this, I might try doing that myself.

  2. yeah, not trying to imply it's alcoholic, but there is definitely a noticeable difference between cocoa and chocolate liquor (hope that doesn't sound dumb)

  3. I hate it when companies put pictures on their container that look nothing like the actual ice cream does.

  4. it does get darker when you scoop it in the bowl, but it's just not quite as dark as the container photo (though I do remember queen of hearts being darker)

  5. What do you do with the ice cream that no one in your family likes? I always wonder if you all finish it or just trash it.

  6. it's actually rare that all of us refuse to finish it (though I have on occasion tossed a free pint here and there).

    I was taught not to waste, so if all else fails, throw it in a mixer with a bunch of chocolate syrup and make yourself a milkshake :)

  7. Thanks for answering Dubba! I too was taught not to waste, so the milkshake idea will be a good one.

  8. Perry's dark chocolate ice cream was almost black. It's the same they put in tuxedo. The best dark chocolate ever made period. I can't find I anywhere in Syracuse ny. Only tuxedo. I have to buy 3 to get on full dark chocolate. That's not right.


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