Thursday, February 6, 2014

Breyer's Summer Berry Cobbler FDD

[New for 2014, Returned for much of 2015] Yeah, I can't say that I was expecting a "summertime" treat in February... March maybe for an early jump on spring, but January... well, I guess Turkey Hill does have Key Lime Pie right now, so let's take this as the same kind of dreaming for warmer weather treats.

Breyers Summer Berry Cobbler Frozen Dairy Dessert
Black raspberry flavor with other natural flavors,
a strawberry swirl and cinnamon biscuit pieces

Yeah, the first scooping went in to these excellent Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits (my nosh of the week for episode 22). I was trying to recreate my beloved (yet discontinued) Blue Bunny Sedona frozen yogurt granola sandwich. This was just as good, maybe even a bit better because it's been so long since I've had one. Now I did have a little assembly trouble since we are dealing with a very soft and quick melting frozen dairy dessert, so I wound up just squishing the biscuits together which turned out to be for the best.

The second serving was just a plain bowl of berry cobbler in the afternoon. As you can see, he's a rather bright fellow. There is a distinct fruit pop to this flavor, and when mixed with the cinnamon bits, there is a mild tangy flashback to my last encounter with key lime pie ice cream. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's definitely unexpected.

The base flavor is a fairly tame raspberry flavor, so I'm pretty sure the pop comes from the bright pink swirl. It's thick, almost gel like, and the flavor is... well, strange. It really changes the profile of this dessert from a sweet raspberry treat to a "refreshing" berry treat. It kind of reminds of sherbet, no, better yet, it reminds me of a berry mousse dessert. The soft frozen dairy dessert texture with the fruity pop really gives it that mousse or parfait vibe.

Can't forget the chunks. They're tasty but not super plentiful.

It sounds like I'm kind of bouncing back and forth, doesn't it? I'm trying not to be too harsh because this is a fairly unique flavor that delivers on it's name. It is soft (less filling/satisfying) and it is kind of potent, but at the same time, it's the kind of popping sundae filling that isn't always easy to find. With some more chunks and a little less pop, I might have bought this one again.

On Second Scoop: Ahh, yeah, I'm still going back and forth on this one. I take a bite "ahh, I don't like it that much", take another bite "but it's not that bad". It's not so much that there is a strong artificial taste, it's more that it doesn't have that clean and crisp nature of a natural flavor. I like the pie vibe, but don't love the overall result. Am I making any sense whatsoever? How about this: my wife likes it (especially the chunks!)

Verdict?  be prepared for something different
Buy Again?  unlikely


  1. Those cinnamon pieces make it worth a shot to me ;)

  2. Found this at my local grocery store before I saw this review and I can say this ice cream is now on my list of favorites now. Enough of the cinnamon biscuit pieces to be interesting but not over powering. Top with a bit of Hershey's chocolate syrup and cool whip and it is absolutely amazeballs!

  3. I absolutely love this flavor of ice cream! It's so addicting.


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