Monday, April 13, 2009

Blue Bunny Double Strawberry Sedona Frozen Yogurt Granola Sandwiches

2012 Update: Looks like Sedona is gone from supermarket shelves and the Blue Bunny website.

Oh, where to start? hmmm, the beginning seems like a good place.

Blue Bunny Double Strawberry Sedona Frozen Yogurt Granola Sandwich
Strawberry Low Fat Frozen Yogurt with a Thick Swirl of Strawberry Fruit Filling,
Sandwiches Between Honey Oat Granola Wafers

Monday is becoming by defacto Walmart trip day, and just like the last few mondays, I ran in on my way home to restock the cabinets and fridge. As I was wrapping up, I hung a left into the freezer aisles and what should I see but a completely redone ice cream section. For whatever reason, they've decided to flip the aisle: it goes from H-D and B&Js to treats, rather than the other way around. Plus there is all kinds of new items too, including Friendly's ice cream! I think I got a little giddy at the site of an aisle just jam packed with treats. To celebrate, I went all out (but you're going to have to stay tuned for all the reviews, I can only eat so much in one day).

Now I've said in the past that I'm not a Blue Bunny fan. I just haven't had any luck finding something worthy of my respect. They do grab my attention, but the box never leaves the shelf...until now. What do I see but the brandy-new treat from them: the very unique Sedona Frozen Yogurt Granola Sandwich treats. Now there was a chocolate flavor, but fearing for the worst, I went with the more intriguing Double Strawberry flavor. Ever since the Haagen-Dazs vanilla yogurt with granola, our house has been much more open to the idea of frozen yogurt. The added bonus is that since these are individually wrapped, they'll be much easier to eat on the way home.

And that's exactly what I did after packing up the car. It's not a long ride home, but it was 6:30 and I was starved. 180 calories should be sufficient to get me til dinner (in about 30 minutes). I unwrapped it and it looks pretty good, so I start the taste test. I like it, I really do. The strawberry has a good quality and the granola has a good texture. It's solid, but it breaks easily as you bite into it. I keep eating and I still like it. I just don't taste the yogurt, just a decent granola and a pleasant strawberry flavor.

But then....something happens. I take the last few bites and I'm suddenly overwhelmed by...something. It's hard to describe, but honestly, I feel like I just ate a bar of soap (ivory, not some smelly soap like irish spring). it's the weirdest thing.

This just can't be, did i have soap on my hands, or was it left from something else? I don't know...but there's only one way to find out. That's right: About an hour after dinner it was time for another one...and the same thing happened!!! what is up with these things? I'm wondering if it's the strawberry swirl. I didn't get the soap feeling til I hit the swirl. Oh blue you disappoint me yet almost had me with this one!!

On Second Scoop: Hey, I'm back! and I've had not one, but two of these bad boys today. To be honest, I was unsettled after writing this review yesterday. It was just such a strange reaction to have to a treat, and I wondered if it was all in my head. So, I was feeling hungry and decided to try #3. I ate it, and it started ok, but as I went, there's that bizarre taste building up again. My wife was questioning why I keep eating them if they taste funny, but I guess I keep hoping for the best.

When I went to post this second scoop, I noticed a message from Blue Bunny in my mailbox concerned about my experience. So, to do my best to get to the truth....I ate a 4th Sedona. This time I peeled off a granola wafer, ate it, then ate the strawberry (nice consistency by the way), then ate the other granola wafer. I was trying to nail down where that taste was coming from. I just don't know if its the wafer, a wafer/yogurt combo, or the strange alien being living inside my tongue. Keep in mind I do like granola, not granola cereal, but I always have at least one granola bar in my snack bag.

At this point...I really regret eating that second Sedona, I'm uncomfortably full, but I'm trying to be as fair as possible here to the new product (I like to think I'm fair, though I realize my quest to blog about everything does make me pickier than I use to be). I'll probably try another one in a week or so and we'll see how it goes.

UPDATE: I just had one of the Chocolate Sedonas and I really like it ...and no soapy aftertaste. So for now, let's chalk up the aftertaste to a bum taste bud or something (at least til I get another box of the strawberry ones).

UPDATE #2: I bought a fresh box of Strawberry Sedonas and no more aftertaste! I made sure I grabbed the freshest box (that I then sampled on the way home). Good stuff, I love having these in the freezer to mix things up.

The millionth scoop: I love these little buggers, I just can't help myself. Every now and then, I do get a bite with just a bit too much salt or something in it (maybe what triggered my initial opinions), but overall, I just can't get enough, there are always in the freezer now.

Nutrition: 68g: 180 / 35-2 / 3 / 3


Aiming4Simple said...

I preferred the Blue Bunny Aspen bars to the Sedona sandwiches. The strawberry flavor was too artificial for my taste. I haven't tried the chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I also prefer the Aspen bars over the Sedona bars. I tried the chocolate Sedona bar and the granola was soft and mushy... they were awful! However, the Aspen is delicious!!! I have had two boxes already!