Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Edy's Grand Cinnamon Bun Fun! Ice Cream

[New for 2014, Returned for 2015 & 2016] Alright cinnamon fans, Edy's has got a new treat for us that's going to be hard to pass up. We all love B&J's cinnamon buns premium ice cream right? Well let's see if Edys/Dreyers can bring some of that magic to a mainstream ice cream.

Edy's / Dreyer's Grand Cinnamon Bun Fun! Ice Cream
Vanilla ice cream with a rich cinnamon bun swirl

It smells good, but what's inside?

I cant help myself, I need to snag a bite before I put this one in the freezer... oh yeah, I'm going to have trouble containing myself on this one. I throw one more scoop in the bowl (and grab another tiny scoop for my tastebuds) and go sit down with this tasty treat.

The neat thing here is a bit of grit to the cinnamon swirl. I wanted it to be sweet and gritty, and it delivers. I don't want some foo foo cinnamon, I want cinnamon bread cinnamon. I want grocery store cinnamon roll cinnamon. And then I want to smell it, I want to taste the flavor, I want to feel the texture. That's how you do a cinnamon swirl right and that's how they've done it here.

I feel like I just had a milkshake and a cinnamon roll for breakfast and it hit the spot. I love cinnamon too much to not enjoy this ice cream. No, there's no cinnamon bun dough, but the swirl makes up for it, the grand ice cream is a fine backdrop and I have no complaints. Nice job Edy's!

Verdict?  excellent swirl
Buy Again?  YES!


  1. I too love cinnamon and so I'm glad to hear this one delivers. I will def keep my eyes peeled for this tasty treat :) P.S. I wish a brand would take the Cinnabon cinnamon and do something with it in frozen form. Plenty of other companies have, Quaker etc etc

  2. This one looks really good! I can't find these anywhere yet but hopefully they will show up soon.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it and am really looking forward to seeing your opinion on the slow churned coffee and cookie variety.

  3. Anon, Dubba doesn't do coffee flavors. I'll more than likely pick it up soon though! I'm still bugged because I can't figure out what cookies they use since there's chocolate chip cookies on the package but they don't look like them in the actual ice cream picture.

  4. Tried the Slow Churned version (which is what I normally get, plus my store was out of the Grand) and was disappointed: other than the first bite of the swirl that was as delicious as the review suggested, the swirl had a taste of cinnamon but nothing like a cinnamon roll. Perhaps it was the slow churning, but the "swirl" was not mixed at all, so I could essentially just eat straight down the middle and get all of the cinnamon portion. That was appreciated because it made it easier to avoid the bland vanilla surrounding it.

    Hopefully my experience was just a bad batch, but I'm honestly not sure I'll run out to try the Grand version even though I love cinnamon ice cream.

    1. The slow churned is a complete 360 degree different than the grand, the grand is sweeter, and the cinnamon has grit while melting in your mouth..it's like eating a cold perfectly warmed cinnamon roll. I tried the grand first (I'm hooked) then the slow churned jus for fun..and oh my! GROSS! the vanilla was bland while I found huge chunks of cinnamon bound together randomly thru the pint.. they need to recall the slow churned and make the grand a permanent flavor. Please try the grand you won't believe the diffrence let alone their spot on flavor of a cinnamon roll.

  5. booo for bad quality control! if you dig cinnamon, don't lose hope on the grand version!

  6. Yummy. Wish this wasn't a seasonal flavor.

  7. This is the best ice cream in the world and I can't find it anywhere in concord ca

  8. @Cherese: limited edition, only available for about 3 months a year. In theory it should be back soon.


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