Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Haagen Dazs Tiramisu Dark Chocolate Gelato Bar

[2014-2016] Now I'm no tiramisu expert, and I'm definitely not a coffee expert, but I gotta say, I think you're going to like these new gelato bars (don't forget that I've already fallen in love with the vanilla caramel pizzelle version)

Haagen Dazs Tiramisu Dark Chocolate Gelato Bar
bold and complex tiramisu gelato dipped in rich dark chocolate (and dazzled)

After removing the delightful decorated clear wrapper, I am greeted with the smell of a wonderful chocolate shell. Mmmmm, I love the smell of quality chocolate.

I dig in and this treat is really well done. Remember how I got really excited about the clarity of the pomegranate dark chocolate bars H-D makes? Well, there is a similar quality to the tiramisu here. The gelato inside just has this wonderful liquid tiramisu flavor that is focused and direct. Sure, I don't love coffee, but this isn't a straight coffee flavor. I'm not being overrun with some burnt or bitter flavor. It's strong, but is has that sweet dessert element to it. This isn't really my thing but it's undeniably good, I get why Nick liked the pint version.

The chocolate shell is wonderful, such a quality coating for the gelato inside. It's not excessively dark, dry or bitter, it's more delightful than that. It doesn't forget it's a dessert and really pairs wonderfully with the gelato. Plus, since there are no foolish Magnum-style cocoa nibs in the shell, you can just enjoy the shell slowly without injuring yourself.

So, short and sweet of it all: these H-D bars never really fail and this one is no exception, though technically the nutritional facts should encourage the use of this as an occasional treat and not a daily snack. I'm glad I gave these a shot because they didn't disappoint. Quality wins the day.

On Second Scoop: for the non-coffee fans, be sure to keep your tastebuds coated in chocolate so as to avoid any burnt flavored overload from the coffee (it only happened for a moment, but I figured I should warn you). Savor, don't inhale!

Verdict?  another well done bar
Buy Again?  foresee multiple purchases by the fan base


  1. I liked these too, but I have to agree with another review I read that said they did not feel like true tiramisu. It did feel like the ladyfinger component was missing. I wish they could have incorporated that into the bar somehow. The pizzelle version was my favorite of the new bars by far.

  2. yeah, that was Adam from TIB that felt they should have done a little something more, which I get, but I still like these way better then the new 2014 magnum bars


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