Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Breyers Triple Chocolate Gelato

[2014-2015] Ok, so there are four new Breyers Gelato flavors that should be reaching your freezer aisle in the very new future. I found the raspberry cheesecake version first, but I went back a few days later and found the other three. Hmmm, which do I want for breakfast?

Breyers Triple Chocolate Gelato Indulgences
Milk & Dark Chocolate Gelato with white chocolate sauce & chocolate curls

Well, isn't that novel? I hadn't looked closely enough before to realize it's dark chocolate on one side and milk on the other. I was expecting dark and milk swirled together, not dark in vanilla and milk in vanilla. Let's see if this gamble pays off.

I go for the dark first: strange, it has a dark vibe... but it's also kind of flavorless. What a strange beast. There was a lot of gumminess going on with the raspberry cheesecake, but it's not as pronounced here, so that's a positive. I'm having trouble telling if I like it or I'm annoyed by it.... which ofcourse is making me scoop more of it. Hmmm. Let's try the other side.

Ok, the milk chocolate is better, but again, the flavor seems somewhat muted. There's a bit of a frosty vibe, but it's like, say, half the flavor of a frosty. Basically it tastes like someone squirted generic softserve in to a container, let it freeze overnight, and then labeled it gelato.

The white sauce is a basically a nonfactor, and the curls adds a thin crunch, nothing else. Well, maybe they add a bit of cardboard flavor if you eat enough of them at the same time. And technically the sauce has a bit of mild flavor, but there are only two spots in the whole container where I was able to spoon enough of it to get a reading on it.

Alright, let's wrap this up with a few bites from the middle. Yeah, I'll need to second scoop this later.

On Second Scoop: Ok, I started on the milk chocolate side this time and it's not bad. It's a little funky, but it's still chocolate, and will get you buy in a pinch. It's no Talenti Belgian milk chocolate, but it's also half the price. The dark chocolate side? Yeah, still kind of strange to me. They did try here, you get that sense of a dark chocolate, but it feels like dark chocolate without the chocolate. It just doesn't speak loudly enough to me. Go ahead and try this one if you want, maybe it'll click better with you then it did with me.

Verdict?  not bad, but not amazing either
Buy Again?  nah

Update: I went to finish this one off and discovered my wife had polished off the milk chocolate side while leaving the dark for my sundae.

3 other flavors:  Vanilla Caramel, Tiramisu, Raspberry Cheesecake

Note: Thanks to reader Eve, we now know that these Breyer's gelatos seem to bare some relationship to various Carte D'or flavors from across Europe.


Eve said...

These look almost identical to Carte D'Or brand ice cream that they sell here in Europe!!

Dubba Scoops said...

wow, it really does! carte d'or and breyers are both owned by Unilever, and this "gelato" says it's made in Italy, so it's very possible it's coming from the same place. Thanks for letting us know!

Anne Sutton said...

Funny....I just tried this last night. For it's fancy appearance, it was less than stellar with regards to taste. It was not bad, but it was just not something that stood out in my mind. I won't buy this flavor again, but I might try one of the others (um but not the cheesecake variety either!)

Atiyah said...

I agree I won't be buying this flavor again. I wasn't impressed not worth using my weight watchers points for.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

surprised by the bad reviews this is my new favorite ice cream..and I'm a ice cream fanatic so I know whats good. I love this stuff!!

lilmsbig said...

i absolutely love it i wish there was more my stores stopped selling what a bummer

Anonymous said...

I love triple chocolate gelato it is my new favourite thing to buy over anything in the freezer dessert area at the grocery store,but my store just stopped stocking this flavor for some reason. I am so bummed!!!

Dubba Scoops said...

Sorry, it's been discontinued to make room for a few new flavors.

Anonymous said...

I luv luv luv Triple Chocolate.