Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Haagen-Daz Strawberry Dark Chocolate Gelato Bars

[New for 2014, discontinued after 2015] Ok, so I mentioned that there were going to be three new Haagen-Daz gelato bars. There is the excellent vanilla caramel pizzelle bar, we've got the fine tiramisu dark chocolate bar, and now we have....

Haagen-Daz Strawberry Dark Chocolate Gelato Bars
Sweet and creamy Strawberry gelato dipped in rich dark chocolate (and dazzled)

Look, we know this is going to be well made, so let's keep this review simple. One, the shell is excellent. It's not too dark, it melts easy, and it's just a pleasure to enjoy. Two, the filling is delightful as well, maybe not as powerful as their pomegranate bars, but it's still a quality flavor with a fine texture.

Wait, was that too simple? I'm just not sure what else to say on the first inhaling of these, I was in a rush and I enjoyed it. The only mild complaint I could make is that maybe I expected a little more pizzazz. The pizzelle bar set the bar so very high, and I still think the tiramisu bar is different enough, but then this one just seems a bit too easy. What if it had chocolate chips in it? Wouldn't that make you stop and go "Whoa"?

Verdict?  love that shell!
Buy Again?  sure

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