Friday, March 14, 2014

Friendlys Red Velvet Cake SundaeXtreme

[By Nick, New for 2014] Since Dubba has probably hit red velvet overload by now, I guess it’s time for me to review one. Knowing Friendly’s Sundae Extreme line consisted of Frozen Dairy Desserts, I was a little hesitant in picking this one up. That said, I’ve never tried Friendly’s FDD before and I’ve yet to have an ice cream that replicated Red Velvet Cake well so maybe it will work better as a FDD. Why yes, I did have to rationalize buying this carton, don’t judge me.

Friendlys Red Velvet Cake SundaeXtreme
Red Velvet Cake Frozen Dairy Dessert with
Red Velvet Cake Pieces & Cream Chese Frosting Swirl

Okay, wow that’s not what I was expecting. I know I say FDD should die but this is a bit much. It looks like a murder happened inside the carton. Other than the shocking color, I do enjoy the sizeable chunks of cake I see. Sadly the cream cheese swirl is absent.

Like I said, this is my first time with Friendly’s FDD and color me impressed. It’s nowhere near as airy as Breyers and is more on par with most mainstream ice cream. There’s something a slight bit off to me that lets me know it isn’t ice cream but I doubt the average consumer would notice.

As for the taste, this stuff is sweet. Nowhere near the level of Ben & Jerry’s but it’s something to be aware of. Even with all the sweetness, this is the most authentic tasting version I’ve had. The base has hints of cocoa as well as cream cheese. The sweetness does dull it a bit but you do get a red velvet cake vibe. This is only amplified by the mix-ins. Friendly’s doesn’t mess around when it comes to their red velvet cake chunks because these things are massive and everywhere. Like it’s hard to not get some cake in every one of your spoonfuls everywhere. My gripe with cake in ice cream is that it tends to be dry and crumbly. That happens a bit here but not offensively. These chunks actually retain a fair amount of moisture and with the crumble remind me more of a crumb cake. They definitely have that trademark cocoa flavor you associate with red velvet which is always a plus.

Now the cream cheese swirl isn’t as abundant as the cake pieces but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up with in flavor. This swirl packs a cheesy punch but not overwhelmingly so. It’s at the right level to let you know it’s there but not enough to overpower the other components. Obviously the best bites are when you have all of the components on one spoonful. When that happens, I thought I was eating a slice of red velvet cake.

I know I sound redundant but up until now all red velvet flavors have been underwhelming. Friendly’s is doing it right and they’re making it happen with a FDD. This might be the first time I’ve truly enjoyed a FDD and would consider buying it again. My hat is off to you, Friendly’s. Now go make this into a real ice cream flavor so I don't have to say I liked a FDD.

Verdict?  Authentic Red Velvet Cake in a FDD
Buy Again?  I guess there’s a first for everything


  1. I think once you get passed the visual of this FDD, it sounds decent. I will definitely be giving this one a try.

    Good to know that Friendly's has had more success with FDD. I have given up on Bryers's.

    Have a great weekend Nick!

  2. Anon, thankfully I don't eat with my eyes. My other half who was having some with me had some gruesomer remarks about the color aha.

    I'd love to give up on Breyer's but I sadly have a job to do.

    You have a great weekend as well!

  3. Having it now. Tastes exactly like red velvet cake, but is way too sweet. Won't be buying it again.


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