Saturday, January 2, 2021

2020 Product Guide

I know it's 2021, but it's bugging me that I didn't do a 2020 Product guide. I'm sure that I will forget at least a few things, so please leave a comment with anything that needs to be added.


Gelato Fiasco: don't think there was anything new in the freezer aisle

Talenti: 5 Layers flavors (Pumpkin Pie replaced Lemon Berry Pie during the year), 2 dairy-free


Ben & Jerry's: Netflix collabs, 4 Sunbutter flavors (M&C, CBC, MCC, Change the Whirled)

Haagen-Dazs: Soft Dipped (Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate), ruby cacao crackle trio, coffee & vanilla trio, Rose & Cream (spirits), Heaven light ice cream

Coolhaus: Queens' Coffee, LE Ritz Crackers & Cream

Magnum: 2 Double Tubs (Pistachio Honey & Almond Brown Butter), ruby bars, non-dairy sea salt caramel bar

Serendipity: unicorn bliss sundae, C&C remix

Steve's: Papua New Guinea Vanilla Bean >> did Steve's shutdown again??

Buzzfeed Tasty: wasn't there supposed to be more flavors coming?

Graeters: LE Boldy Bearcat, 6 Perfect Day Vegan pints (oils, whey, gums)

Alden's Ice Cream: Ooey Gooey Brownie and Peachy Keen Twist, Vegan/Dairy-free: 7 pints and 2 sandwiches

New Orleans Ice Cream Company: King Cake

Cheesecake Factory at Home: several flavors

So Delicious: Oatmilk non-dairy frozen dessert: 4 new flavors (S'mores)


Blue Bunny: 2 containers ("cookies, candies, & brownies" and "chocolate bunny tracks")

Blue Bell: cookie dough overload, confetti cake, fudge brownie decadence

Breyer's: Cinnabon flavor + layered deserts (S'mores, Brownie Cheesecake, LE Peach Cobbler, LE Caramel Apple Pie)

Edy's/Dreyer's (Nestle): more non-branded stuff like cereal FDD

Fat Boy: 10 ice cream tubs

Friendly's: 2 flavors (LE cherry pie and nutty buddy)

Perry's: friendsgiving (fall), barista bars (3 flavors)

Turkey Hill: two all natural flavors (Cookie Dough & mint choc cookie swirl)

Yuengling's: ummmmm


Blue Bunny: 5 Load'd Cones (Strawberry Shortcake), 4 load'd sundaes, 4 mini swirls

Good Humor: WWE, NASCAR, pop-tart

Bomb Pop: Middles (S'mores, Choc Creme Sandwich, Choc Caramel Sundae, Strawberry Raspberry Taffy)

Drumstick: Crushed It Bars (vanilla fudge & CnC) and Cones (Vanilla Fudge and C&C)

Ben & Jerry's: snackable dough (Half Baked Chunks, Choc Choc Chip + 2 Lim Ed)

Chipwich Birthday Cake (they also have new packaging)

Kit Kat minis & Tollhouse minis

Wyman's: Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt Bites

Friendly's: Orange Creme Krunch Cake and Big Chippers (S'mores, Salted Caramel Brookie, +2)

Popsicle: Fruit Twister (Strawberry, Blueberry, & Vanilla and Peach, Raspberry & Vanilla)

Nestle Mickey Mouse sandwiches

Culinary Tours Fusion Bars (store brand)

Lotus Biscoff ice cream bars

M&M chocolate fun cups

Outshine: Mango with Tajin, Strawberry dipped bars

SorBabes: dairy free sorbet bars


Hood: Boston Common Cow Chow, Unicorn Confetti, (others?)

Walmart: Circus Cookie, Habanero, etc


Arctic Zero: Classic Vanilla and Pistachio

Halo Top: Keto series pints, "New" Pops (they are just rebranded chilly cow pops)

Yasso: chocolate hazelnut, triple peb, new dipped bars (vanilla chocolate crunch + 3), 4 sandwiches

Enlightened: new bars (including keto collection), Delish collaboration pint, anything else?

Skinny Cow: Skinny Minis (1 each of cones, bars, sandwiches)

Fa!rlife: 7 flavors

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