Monday, June 22, 2020

Popsicle Blueberry Strawberry & Vanilla Fruit Twister

[New for 2020] So I've been sprinkling in these free samples from Unilever amongst my purchased product reviews and next up is something that I probably wouldn't have tried on my own. I've just never really gravitated towards this type of product, though I have enjoyed fruity treats when the mood strikes (usually in the summertime).

Popsicle Blueberry Strawberry & Vanilla Fruit Twister
fruit and vanilla flavored frozen dairy dessert with other natural flavor

The only thing more striking than this peculiar shade of pink is the fact that these treats are made in Russia of all places. I know the frozen treat market is truly global nowadays but I feel like this is the first Russian made treat that I've tasted.

It's certainly pretty.

And it does indeed have a fruit center.

For all the color and filling, it's actually a quite mild treat. There was also no huge burst of flavor from the filling in the middle. It makes sense since a big chunk of it is vanilla frozen dairy dessert, but I thought it would be a bit strong in flavor (at least from the center anyway).

Gonna hold off any further comments until I have a second one.

On Second Scoop: As the old saying goes "it's me, not you". I have no complaints about this treat. It's not something I crave, but if it's in your wheelhouse, I can't imagine that you wouldn't enjoy it. To clarify, I think the form factor here is the real star of the show. Anyone can do flat pops, but now we have a lively round shape that's easy to enjoy on a warm summer day. I don't know if I want to officially declare the design a #funfactor, but it's pretty close. I'd say give these a try if you are interested.

Verdict?  unique shape
Buy Again?  I would if it was more my thing


Alek said...

I think that they should do a cotton candy flavor too. Also that looked like a marshmallow candy that we all grew up. Should do a marshmallow flavor too.

Dubba Scoops said...

They have the technology.... :)