Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Drumstick Cookies 'N' Cream Crushed It!

[New for 2020] What happens when you mix my beloved cookies & cream with my slightly diminished but still going love of Drumstick? You get....

Drumstick Cookies 'N' Cream Crushed It!
crushed cookie crumb coating surrounds cookies 'n' cream frozen dairy dessert

I'll be honest, I had my reservations with Drumstick making something that wasn't a drumstick (ice cream cone). This opening shot is adding to those reservations. Why is it so smooth? I was definitely expecting something more along the lines of a good humor or strawberry shortcake bar. I was not expecting this sanded down treat. I didn't come this far not to try it though!

I bite in and the shell is much sturdier than expected. It's also sweeter too. I would have thought that there was a little bit of sugar replacement magic going on here, but the ingredient list says otherwise (note: how can chocolate be an ingredient? isn't chocolate made up of other things?).

Anyway, overall it's enjoyable. I do wish it was a little less sweet, but the experience is definitely unique... and fairly short. It's a decent size treat but I was tempted to dig in for a second. The sweetness made me hesitate a smidge, so I decided to hold off for a day.

On Second Scoop: Similar experience on day 2, but no urge for a second bar this time. I liked it about the same too. Will I try the vanilla fudge bar? Depends if these grow on me by the end of the box. To clarify, these aren't bad and they are different, I just don't know if I'll ever crave them like I do a more traditional frozen treat. [I do feel like they are growing on me after 3 & 4, but it's a slow process].

Verdict?  interesting
Buy Again?  wont know til the box is done

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