Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ben & Jerry's Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

[New for 2019] So I got my wife to be a fan of Nestle Toll House cookie dough but my local walmart was all out when I went shopping. What to do, what to do? Options are limited, but wait, they do have this and technically I havent tried it yet. So, I pick up two pouches of....

Ben & Jerry's Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Chunks

Don't ask me about the white spots (flour of some sort?). Also, don't ask me why they are all the same size unlike the chocolate chocolate chip and regular chocolate chip versions that have varying size chunks. Will it matter to my enjoyment?

Meh, not really. I do enjoy the bigger chunks, but it's not taking a ton away from the experience. Overall, they taste pretty close to the non-vegan version. They're certainly better than not having any cookie dough at all.

Like the regular version, I would still like a little more brown sugar sweetness, and there is definitely a flour note to it all. But hey, cookie dough! I still prefer refrigerated dough to frozen dough, but Ben & Jerry's Snackable Dough has definitely grown on me over the last year and I'm happy to pick up a pouch of it when I need a cookie dough fix.

Verdict?  pretty good
Buy Again?  probably


Anonymous said...

The white spots might be from the coconut oil.

Ben and Jerry's needs to put cinnamon bun dough in the cookie dough bites. The cinnamon buns ice cream is so good especially those cookie dough pieces.

Megan said...

The Nestle edible cookie doughs were discontinued a in a lot of Walmarts for lack of demand. Which is a shame because they're good.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Megan: Can I ask how you came to this info? are you sure it's just not popular and hard to stock right now?