Thursday, April 23, 2020

Breyer's Cinnabon Frozen Dairy Dessert

[New for 2020] Wait, I haven't written a Breyer's review in over two years? Wow, talk about sticking to my guns when I said I wouldn't tolerate their crud anymore. Well, that's still true, but my local Walmart had a line to get in so I decided to drive past my local Price Chopper instead. I don't know how, but it was practically empty so I ran in and finally got caught up on some groceries my walmart just doesn't carry. As I was wrapping things up, I was happy to see a fairly stocked freezer aisle that included a few new things. I wasn't positive what to grab (besides a few regular items), but at the last minute I decided to grab......

Breyer's Cinnabon Ice Cream
cinnamon roll flavor with other natural flavor,
cinnamon swirl and dough pieces

Way to really grab my attention Breyer's....

Better... ish.

To sum this one up simply, I want to say that I feel like I've had it before.

To put it another way, while the dough pieces are amusing, my amusement ends there. I personally don't enjoy cinnamon flavoring that leans towards heat rather than sweetness. It's not super spicy, but just enough to nag at me and keep me from enjoying it properly. Well, as much as I can enjoy Breyer's anyway.

So...... I personally should have left this one on the shelf. I suspect that there are plenty who will enjoy that cinnamon kick and the dough pieces, but with Breyer's texture still being something I don't really enjoy (though it could be worse here), I'm just going to go back to not reviewing Breyers. (Don't take it personally, it just means there is more for you to enjoy).

On Second Scoop: It's just not my style. I will try one finally time on a nice waffle in the hopes that it balances out a bit more (and now I am regretting not picking up a fresh can of whipped cream.... or some caramel for that matter).

Verdict?  little spicy
Buy Again?  no thank you


Anonymous said...

Wasn't expecting you to be a fan of a Breyers frozen dairy but appreciate your giving it a shot.

Don't have a Cinnabon in my area to evaluate how much it nailed that flavor, so I'm left with viewing it as just OK, even/as a cinnamon fan. Mine had a similar lack of visual stimulation, but my tongue wasn't much happier: kind of a bland base, pieces (such as there were: my Breyers rarely seem to have enough mix-ins) were OK, and an OK-good swirl (at least when it was concentrated). Can't be more specific because I tried this back in February and just don't remember much about it.

As cinnamon "ice creams" are rare in my area, I might have been tempted on sale. But with the much-preferred Dreyers Cinnamon Toast Crunch "ice cream" available (the Cinnabon one did seem more cream-cheesy/cinnamon roll-y if you prefer that to straight cinnamon, though, as Dubba notes, there is some spice), I haven't really missed the Breyers Cinnabon.

Alek said...

Ben and Jerry makes the best cinnamon roll ice cream. I love their cinnamon cookie dough. They really need to sell that in their just chunks lineup.

Anonymous said...

How bad does something have to be for them to not even be able to legally classify it as ice cream? That's pretty sad.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Anon#1: Always hard to resist a cinnamon based ice cream... pretty sure I'll be resisting the cinnamon toast crunch one though :)

@Unknown: now I want cookie dough

@Anon#2: That joke is about a decade late....