Friday, April 17, 2020

Maxine's Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Sad news today... Three Twins is shutting down (as announced by CEO Neal Gottlieb on social media today). I know they tried to expand with Slim Twin and Maxine's, but it will be their good old fashion pints that I will miss the most. I'm sorry I didn't buy more of them. They weren't crazy, they were just classic done right. The only disclaimer I will throw down here is that I've tried to pick up their Madagascar vanilla bean flavor from two different stores recently and both times it was just a disaster of a pint (completely mishandled in shipping & stocking). Was that part of the downfall? Who knows, but I'm sad that I may never have another pint of theirs again.
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[2017-2020] Way back in the summer of 2017, Three Twins debuted their more budget friendly lineup called Maxine's. Named after two of the founder's mom, it came out in six flavors. Clocking in at $7.99 for 1.5 quarts, I just never got around to trying it. One because it's really only been at Whole Foods until last year when it hit Market32, and two, it carries a cross contamination warning... but then I saw it for 75% off and I thought "ok, I'll give it a shot". I checked all the containers for their production dates and discovered the freshest option was...

Maxine's Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
Organic Madagascar Vanilla ice cream
with Chocolate sandwich creme cookies

Everyone remembers that cookies & cream is my favorite classic flavor right? And don't forget that three twins regular cookies & cream is amazing (review here).


There is definitely a sweetness to it, but at the same time, there is a lightness to it as well as a bit of watery-ness. Let's just say it's not the most impressive thing. Granted, the fresher container is paying off for less freezerburn, but I was hoping for something a little more hardy and enjoyable. I want to be hit with a rich cookies & cream flavor, not it's watered down little brother.

The problem is that there is more air to compensate for the more expensive organic ingredients in the mix. Hey, if organic is most important to you, have at it, but there is only so much density I am willing to trade for a cleaner product. Me, I love C&C and I need more flavor.

I can only complain so much considered I only paid about $2 for this, but it makes me sad... sad because I worry about whether this flavor has a future. Both C&C and Coffee are missing from the Whole Foods website. Mix that with the Market32 clearance deal and the fact that they never came out with new flavors, and you've got all the signs that this product line is on potentially nearing the end of it's run. Not saying I know everything, but the signs are not good.

On Second Scoop: Still needs more oomph. I finished it but it didn't grow on me at all.

Verdict?  hard sell compared to their regular stuff
Buy Again?  only if I find more $2 containers


Rabbit Girl said...

Are there any other organic brands you would recommend?

Dubba Scoops said...

Does it have to be organic or can it just be all natural? I ask because Turkey Hill's all natural is basically my default go-to. Also, I feel like it's pretty hard to go organic in ice cream department.

Feel free to check out

Rabbit Girl said...

I did mean specifically organic, that's why I asked, this was the only line of organic ice cream that i knew of. Pretty much any good ice cream is all natural imo, and sadly that label can be stretched way too far. But I'm not even concerned with my health: Some say that organics are better for the environment and organic dairies treat their livestock better, and i thought i really have nothing to lose(besides money) in hoping that buying organic helps the planet and supports humane treatment of animals to some minor extent.

Dubba Scoops said...

Ok, hmmmm, organic is definitely limited. Do you shop at whole foods? If not, how about Alden's? Humboldt made a push for it but fizzled pretty quickly.

If you can, why not track down a local dairy that makes ice cream? Find a spot that's not sourcing milk and cream from 400 miles away.

so my recommendations will be: local, Alden's, Whole Foods.

Good luck!

Rabbit Girl said...

I'll look into Alden's --i do go to whole foods, but since quarantine their freezer section has been empty, and haven't been going often anyway since the line to get in is quite a wait. I'm in manhattan, so I know of some local, small brands, but have no idea where they source their ingredients. I guess I just tried to make it easy for myself with 3 twins when i really ought to research things more. Thanks for the advice.

ibagoalie said...

@Rabbit Girl It's expensive (IMHO worth it), but order ice cream online. I have gotten some Jeni's flavors that are impossible to find in stores, that way and if there is a Jeni's near you, they would deliver from the local shop. The pints comes nicely packed in dry ice. I believe Jeni's sources most of their stuff from small local shops, whenever possible, but don't think they are specifically 'organic'.