Sunday, May 3, 2020

Coolhaus Bananas Foster Ice Cream
aka do you ever forget about your ice cream?

Hey everyone, still here. Got a few reviews in the queue that I just can't seem to finish. A side effect of spending all day in the home office is that I have no urge to blog when the work day is done. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way, but I apologize anyway.

To buy me another day or two to finish up what's in the queue, may I present this flavor... that was part of a free shipment back in 2017....  It's funny because I had finally found Coolhaus' plastic pints at Shaw's, and then they offered up a free selection of their new paper pints.

Coolhaus Bananas Foster Ice Cream
banana ice cream, rum, dulce de leche swirl

I did open the pint, but didnt get much further than that.

Or did I? It's possible I took a few bites, didn't like the rum factor and then put it back in the chest freezer. Hey, banana flavors arent really my thing (though I have enjoyed a few of them), and I don't like anything with alcohol in it, so does it really surprise you that this review got lost in the window. That said, do you know what I don't understand?

There were 6 pints in my free shipment. Dirty Mint Chip and Sundae Funday came with me to work. Somehow I was brave and tried Balsamic Fig & Mascarpone first. I knew Bananas Foster would be last, but what about salted caramel, and more importantly, why did I never do a Campfire S'mores review? Technically I had very recently tried their Salty S'mores flavor, so maybe I held off for a little bit... but s'mores? me not try s'mores, it just doesn't make sense.

It's possible that they got lost in the bottom of the freezer. It happens. Case in point, this pint of chocolate molten cake. You don't remember this review do you? Why? Because it never happened. This picture is from late 2018 but afterwards I had been trying to take it easy on soda and chocolate and the pint just sat and sat and sat. I will admit to finally cracking this pint open just a few months ago. As you might imagine, the cake pieces were very dehydrated, but if I remember right, the base still had a nice flavoring to it despite it's age.

So S'mores & Caramel never got an official review. It's possible I tried salty caramel and didn't like the salt factor (but that's a random guess), but no s'mores? In fact, I feel like I may have even bought a second pint of s'mores and not tried that one either. (HA! You can see the s'mores pint in my May 8, 2018 state of the freezer address!)

Just so you don't get too mad at me for wasting, my wife brought up the point that maybe one or both pints got lost in a power outage at some point. I just don't remember anymore. Please know that I have been trying harder to not let this happen anymore (but you know it will still happen). I know not everyone has a chest freezer, but do you ever lose something in the freezer?

On Second Scoop: never happened

Verdict?  ....
Buy Again?  seems unlikely


ibagoalie said...

One good thing about this pandemic, is that I am plowing my way through the freezer (and pantry, too). Making great progress.

Dubba Scoops said...

Find anything good buried yet? One of my to-do reviews in the queue is to clear out three tubs of magnum :)

Sascha said...

The campfire s'mores was my favorite pint of that year, really good. I hope you didn't miss out on it.

Dubba Scoops said...

I feel like I tried it, but I cant find the photo proof (and there's almost always photo proof!) Almost feel like I should double check the freezer to make sure one of them still isn't buried in there somewhere.

Chris Invierno said...

I actually enjoyed the bananas foster quite a bit