Thursday, August 27, 2020

Drumstick Vanilla Fudge Crushed It!

[New for 2020] How's everyone doing? I've actually been off work this week trying to just kind of settle down in the new normal... the new normal would be more fun if their was more ice cream involved. Pickings continue to be slim, so I decided to try the other crushed it variety (hard to believe I tried the C&C version almost 3 months ago now. Wow did the summer flew by!)

Drumstick Vanilla Fudge Crushed It!
crushed cookie crumb coating surrounds
vanilla frozen dairy dessert with fudge ripples

(Plain white wrapper removed)

Maybe I'm just more used to them now, but I swear that the vanilla fudge version tastes more like cookies and cream than the cookies & cream version did.... ahhh, it's probably just my memory and taste buds messing with me right?

Funny, even the photos are popping better.

The ripples look nothing like what you see on the box cover, but that's ok. They are probably adding some kind of subtle flavor here but it's really all about the shell... oh that shell. I swear it's sticking out more than it did a few months ago.

So it's a fun shell on top of something that isn't ice cream but is thick/dense enough to keep things going. I guess you could say these have definitely grown on me. Will I try the cone version? Ummm, I mean I am a sucker for drumstick cones, so yeah, next time I get an urge to have this cookie shell, I'll probably do it in cone form.

On Second Scoop: Still growing on me :)

Verdict?  #funfactor
Buy Again?  sure

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