Sunday, August 23, 2020

Cheesecake Factory at Home - Original

[New for 2020] After my very positive run in with the strawberry version, I wanted to grab the Key Lime version. It was out of stock, but in it's place I grabbed the tasty....

Cheesecake Factory at Home Ice Cream - Original
premium cheesecake ice cream with
a signature cream cheese blend, sour cream and graham swirls

Don't tease me like that... I'll be sad if there's not enough swirl.

Phew, that's better! I dig in and there is a half second delay from when it hits my tastebuds to when that blast of tasty cheesecake flavor kicks in. Mmmmmmm, tasty. The next several bites come fast and furious. You don't need to take a huge bite because it's so flavorful.

I made a point to try and get a bit of swirl in every bite. I think I've really become smitten with this lineup. There's such a push for craziness nowadays that it's nice to get something focused like this. Simple. Effective. I say give it a try.

With the first serving devoured, I can't wait to have more tomorrow. CFaH has now gone 2 for 2 with me and finding the key lime version is now at the top of my freezer aisle shopping list.

On Second Scoop: Tasty! My wife made a comment about it being a little salty and she's right. It's not like epically salty, but this is a bit saltier than an average ice cream. Not a ding, but something to be aware of. I'm looking forward to picking up another flavor from this line up.

Verdict?  tasty!
Buy Again?  yup!


Kotoko said...

Nice to see this review. I like to drop two Oreos into the pint and crush them with the spoon, make your own cookies n cream

Mark said...

I have viewed other reviews on this specific flavor before reading this review and there is 100% agreement amongst all of them, which is that this ice cream is delicious, and now with your approval I have definitely got to try this.

Dubba Scoops said...

@kotoko: I try not to mess with the ice cream on the first two servings, but I might try that on the last one!

@mark: yes!

May said...

And now that the classics have been vetted, they so need to expand with some of their other cheesecake flavors-- tuxedo, turtle, white choc raspberry... maybe carrot cake?