Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Cheesecake Factory at Home - Strawberry

[New for 2020] Back at the beginning of March, shortly before "Safer at Home" started, I had tried my first pint of this line up. With seven pints to choose from, I had to guess which to try first, but I unfortunately guessed wrong. Well, now it's time to correct that oversight!

Cheesecake Factory at Home - Strawberry
strawberry cheesecake ice cream with a signature cream cheese blend,
sour cream, strawberry and graham swirls

You can start drooling now.

Why yes, this ice cream is delicious!

Man, the strawberry really brings this one alive! I totally regret trying the birthday cake flavor first (review here). I'm not saying it was bad, it just didn't pop. This one pops! A lot! I want to use more exclamations because I was having so much fun!

So there are three pieces coming together here. The cheese base is flavorful and fun (and a nice texture). The graham swirl is plentiful and delicious. And then the strawberry ties it together. Oh man I want to try the Key Lime version next because I bet it's just as good.

Any misgivings I had about this lineup are swept under the rug. Unless you hate fruity flavors, definitely start with this one and go from there. I can't wait to head back to Stop & Shop and try another flavor!

On Second Scoop: Still delicious. Pretty sure I am more in love with this one now. Real nice job here. I would grab this next time you see it.

Production Note: Made by Wells Enterprises (The Blue Bunny People!)

Verdict?  delicious
Buy Again?  Yup!

350 cals per 2/3 cup serving


  1. This was the first one I tried too and I totally fell in love. It reminds me of real ice cream, how ice cream used to be when I was growing up. It also is the closest to tasting like cheesecake ice cream I have ever found.

  2. My husband loved the Caramel flavor. Thanks to your review, he's very excited to find the Strawberry. Those in the South can find this brand at Winn-Dixie.

  3. Key Lime is AWESOME. An almost perfect Ice Cream pint.

  4. Although my tastes embraced the Birthday Cake flavor probably more than you, I'd also give a high recommend for the Salted Caramel. The Cookies n' Cream was pretty fair too-- I know most reviews have said it's not really cheesecake-y without the crust (I agree), I still felt the base was different enough to keep it interesting. Now the Strawberry will be my next try!

  5. The Cookies & Cream Cheesecake flavor was my favorite (I'm biased - I love cookies & cream), but I've also got to speak for the Chocolate Cheesecake flavor. It's got a fudge swirl and a chocolate cookie crust swirl through the chocolate cheesecake ice cream that's almost lethally good.

  6. I got the Chocolate this weekend bc Shoprite has them on sale for $2.88 and though delicious, it wasn't nearly the magic of the strawberry flavor. They didn't have the key lime so the hunt continues!

  7. The best strawberry cheesecake ice cream I've ever had. Unlike the B&J version, there is a good balance of the cheesecake and strawberry flavors instead of them blending together to just make a sweeter strawberry. And wow, those graham cracker swirls are amazing. Sugary, crunchy texture with a taste of butter and a hint of salt to balance out the ice cream. Delicious.

    Thank you for this review to put me on the right track. The other flavors aren't as appealing to me but maybe I'll try another in the future.


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