Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Chloe's Oatmilk Mint Chip Pops

[New for 2020] So, umm, yeah, I'm trying to post two times a week but it's getting pretty hard. I think this is the last new thing I have in my fridge. I swear that I am trying to keep it interesting but it's just so hard. Losing my lunchtime access to an extended set of grocery stores (plus the ability to buy nut based flavors) has definitely taken a big hit on my coverage of 2020. I'm not super complaining, there are a thousand problems worse than not having new ice cream to review, just don't think that I've lost the urge to try new things.

Chloe's Oatmilk Mint Chip Pops

Looks like it's labeled for individual sale.

I'm sorry, it's not as round as the cover art, I want my money back!

I kid, I kid. This is actually a fine treat. It's a nice middle of the road minty flavor without too many hints to the fact that it's actually made with oatmilk. The chips are fairly small and could probably be confused with Oreo chunks. I say this because there is a bit of a mint cookies & cream vibe here. (I know, probably splitting hairs on mint chip vs mint cookies & cream).

To be thorough, I would say that there is a little bit of lingering oatmilk aftertaste, but it's minimal. The whole experience reminds me of when I tried Fomu Mint Chip (review here). That surprisingly pleasant texture is a good thing.

My only thought here is that I don't gravitate towards a mint flavored pop. I am not the target audience here... now that I look at my other two options again (Salted caramel & raspberry chip), I realize I probably should have tried one of those. I just couldn't decide which one to go after.

To recap the rambling: good job on the pops. I am not the target audience, but I'm not sure I can get my son to try something minty... but I will try anyway. I just read Chloe's allergen statement (read here) so I feel pretty safe letting him try one. I'll let you know how it goes.

On Second Scoop: tomorrow? who knows >>> ooops, never made follow up comments!

Verdict?  minimal oatmilk flavoring
Buy Again?  one of the other flavors at some point

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