Sunday, October 4, 2020

Nestle Toll House Mini Vanilla Sandwiches

[New for 2020] While amusing, I wasn't exactly in a rush to try this next product. I assumed it would be identical to it's larger sibling... but I was wrong...

Nestle Toll House Mini Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches
12 frozen dairy dessert sandwiches

I assumed they were individually wrapped. They are not.

They're about the size of a (whiffle like) golf ball. 

It looks like a lot of cookie for not a ton of filling... but it works! The cookies are solid, crunchy, and technically a little salty. The tasty cookies pair surprisingly well with the bit of frozen dairy dessert sandwiched between them.

Yes I ate all three. Granted I didn't need to stop, but I didn't want to either. What can I say, they bring the #funfactor. These aren't meant to be mind blowing, they're meant to be fun and they deliver. If you see these or the regular size ones, try these first.

On Second Scoop: soon!

Verdict?  pretty good!
Buy Again?  sure!

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Anonymous said...

Off topic, but you should go to some Asian markets. It might be a bit pricier, but you can expand the brands you try.

The new 'hot' one seems to tiger brown sugar Boba popsicle. I hear it is too sweet, but I'd like your take.