Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Cookie Swirl Ice Cream

[New for 2020] So it's been a pretty quite year for turkey hill, but they do have two new all natural flavors (and that limited bourbon vanilla flavor that caught some people's eye).

Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Cookie Swirl Ice Cream
mint flavored milk chocolate ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl

It looks like two flavors swirled.

And now you can see it was just the swirl that had spread out and made that secondary color. It almost has a malted milk coloring to it.

I expected this ice cream to be tasty and it is. My correlation is it tastes like thin mint ice cream, but in a all natural, mainstream form. To be honest, do I need to describe it more than that?

...and it's all gone. I just inhaled it without even thinking about writing any more words. It's been forever since I've had a mint flavor, and while I never have the urge to grab a mint flavor, I do love being pleasantly surprised by them.

Recap: all natural thin mint ice cream. not a dense super premium, but I've always argued that certain flavors pair better with a mainstream texture. It's more like a pop of flavor rather than a coating of flavor.

Nice job Turkey Hill. Keep those all natural flavors coming!

On Second Scoop: Besides saying that I enjoyed my second scooping, I do feel that I should point out one thing. Be aware that this is more of an omnipresent swirl rather than a come and go swirl. Maybe things will change (and I'll update if they do), but I'm not scooping up huge chunks of a thick crunchy swirl. Instead, the swirl is invading every scoopful to always deliver a bit of texture to every taste bite. Sure, some thin mint cookie chunks would probably be evil-y delicious here, but I like the way they set this up. There's just a certain, easy going nature to their all natural lineup. (please give us more of these flavors.... pretty please?)

Verdict?  thin mint!!
Buy Again?  sure!

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