Sunday, July 5, 2020

Cereal inspired ice creams

Is everyone enjoying the (hopefully) long weekend? I'm just trying to not think about work (it's somewhat effective). I'm still only going out once a week, but I have been getting a bit more creative by sometimes hitting two stores instead of one when I am out. Unfortunately, things are pretty quiet when I can't hit 4-5 stores a week. It's just hard to find those hard to find items. And when I do find something unique, well, I'm not sure I want it...

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Light Ice Cream
Lucky Charms Frozen Dairy Dessert

Lucky Charms is vanilla frozen dairy dessert with a cereal swirl and lucky charms marshmallows. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is cinnamon light ice cream with a cinnamon graham swirl and cereal pieces. Did I buy either one of them? Well, no...

If you've been around long enough, you know that I am pretty well fed up with this budget level product that Nestle/Edys/Dreyers has been pumping out. I know this is a review blog but I have no urge to review these. This picture is sufficient for me. (If you think I'm a little crazy on this point, keep in mind that Nestle spun out their low margin ice cream business so as to keep their main company more profitable looking (here's a news article about it)).

Anyway, I was going to bring up how this picture went over on instagram because the results are pretty funny. Please comment on which side you would go with.

1) The people who are stoked for these ice creams. They saw the label and nothing else matters. Nothing wrong with getting excited (even if I worry about their future disappointment)

2) the people who have tried one or both and enjoyed one or both. Hey. There is a reason Nestle still makes ice cream

3) the people who have tried and absolutely despise these two flavors. It's kind of hysterical. I try to keep my instagram account more neutral than the blog, so it's always funny to see a flood of comments just bashing this product.

Again, I honestly don't care if you enjoy this product. Your enjoyment does not effect me in anyway. I have just chosen to no longer give Nestle my money.

Ok, time for you to chime in!


Anonymous said...

Not a ton of cinnamon ice creams in my area (Cinnamon Buns is about the only one consistently available), so I was looking forward to trying my childhood cereal in ice cream form. Can't say whether it captured the cereal's flavor (it's been too long since I had it), but it was good (with Dreyers level expectations) as a cinnamony ice cream, and even included some crunchy pieces that added some texture, while the base, swirl and crunchy pieces managed to taste different from each other. I liked it more than the Breyers Cinnabon that came out around the same time, but I also honestly kind of forgot about CTC after buying a second one when it was on sale...a few months ago? I might buy one the next time it's on sale, but it wasn't good enough to jump into my regular rotation, as I kind of forget that it's still available. Perhaps a little bit of that was not wanting to get attached to something that I expected to be gone after a few months, but had I really loved it, I could have filled my freezer.

ncgirl said...

I get exploring cereals and marshmallow treats. I do not get cereal and ice cream. But I also don't put milk in my cereal.

Dubba Scoops said...

@Anon: I can respect that review :)

@NC: Oh man, cereal & ice cream is kind of amazing (in my mind). All that crunch with a good quality ice cream is very amusing to me. Though I realize I am in the minority here.

ncgirl said...

Dubba, I think I'm the minority....:)

erin said...

I bought them both and LOVE them both! But I adore all of Edy's slow churned/frozen dairy lines. The only one of Edys I ever had to throw away was one of those bakery inspired ones from years ago -- it was like coffee cookie or something. I think they had a cinnamon bun one of the bakery line too, now that I think about it.

Anonymous said...

I still appreciate a fun flavor, irrespective the fat content of the ice cream.

Also, time for a podcast reunion.

Anonymous said...

The cinnamon toast crunch one I think could work if done properly. The Lucky Charms one does not sound good...I can't imaging it would be anything but bland.

I wonder what other cereals might work:
1. Oreo Os: Yes
2. Fruit Loops/Trix: Unlikely, as citrus-ish flavors and ice cream aren't usually a great combo
3. Cheerios: No
4. Apple Jacks: Doubtful
5. Cap'n Crunch: This has actually been done in high end restaurants (I think one of the finalists on Top Chef used Capn Crunch ice cream in his final menu one year); So yes
6. Rice Krispies: Maype, I would wonder if Rice Krispy treat ice cream could be made to work, although I assume it would have been done by now if so
7.Cocoa puffs: Maybe
8. Cookie crisp: Probably not; I would bet it would be similar to the Chips Ahoy blizzard which just tasted like processed nothingness
9. Grape Nuts: They sell this in Maine, and it actually is good believe it or not
10. Cracklin Oat Bran: I'm convinced this would work
11. Chex/Kix/Shredded wheat: No

Any others I'm forgetting?

Dubba Scoops said...

@Erin: coffee & cookies delight (Nick actually reviewed it). they kept doing both light and regular versions of flavors. the regular "cinnamon bun fun!" was more fun than the light one.

@Anon2: they're all too busy raising kids now. Funny to think I used to be the only dad on the show. (i'm a little offended that they never call for advice)

@Anon3: I appreciate you taking the time to list out a bunch of possibilities :)

grapenut was one of my very first scoop shop reviews

also, I think I tried making rice krispy treat ice cream a long time ago

I don't know how to make ice cream, but there are several great places in NYC that have messed with cereal flavors or messed with adding in some kind of cereal factor.

Alek said...

The rice krispies could work out making rice krispies krackle ice cream. I did it before from scratch. Delish! Made a vanilla ice cream base then swirled toasted marshmallows that was mixed with milk to create the swirl. Added chunks of rice krispies treats that was made from scratch.

It tasted like amazing rice krispies treats!!

Mark said...

Ice cream is ice cream to me. I don't need Graeter's to "Wow!" me because I grew up on generic ice cream. However, these new flavor do not bring anything new or exciting to the table as we have had marshmallows and marshmallow fluff swirls in ice cream before, as well as cinnamon ice creams and cinnamon flavored mix ins such as swirls, cinnamon bun dough, carrot cake pieces and churro pieces. I will spend my money on something more exciting until these are discontinued and marked down for clearance.

Anonymous said...

Just my $0.02 but most supermarket brands aren't very premium so for the price it's to be expected (or should be) that they might be just okay. Most of the reviews on the site fall into that category so I rarely expect the reviews to be highly scored or rated. I take more issue with brands that purport to be on the upper end (if by price if nothing else) but seem to have taken a step back or never really nailed their offerings like Talenti and Coolhaus.

Amanda said...

@Mark--can you give me a brand or specific pint that you would splurge on? I find myself relegated to the extremely expensive online specialty ice creams (e.g. from Goldbelly) if I really want something other than the standard grocery store freezer aisle. Are you a Salt-and-Straw or Jenny's Ice Cream kind of guy? Maybe a McConnel's or an Ample Hills? I envy the IG posters' accounts of their local ice cream shoppes, especially some people in the NOLA area. (You might want to check out Lolly's.) In the meantime, this CTC frozen dessert may be worth it--from all of other reviews I have come across, it has been a fairly consistent "thumbs up."

Mark said...

Amanda, thank you for the question. The only time that I have splurged is on Ben and Jerry's and that was once, but I would do it again just to try new flavors because I find Ben and Jerry's a little overrated. As of now, I want to try Chip Happens and Netflix and Chilled because I the combination of sweet and salty and because peanut butter is my absolute favorite base. All of the other times I just buy whatever is affordable for me. None of the grocery stores around here carry the companies you mentioned, so I cannot say for sure if I would splurge on them. Based on what is available to me and based on past experiences I would splurge on both So Delicious and Graeters because I have never had a bad product from either of those two companies. I would also splurge on the new Cheesecake Factory pints because I have heard nothing but positive feedback about their creations. Finally, I would also splurge on Halo Top and Arctic Zero products due to their low calorie content and due to the fact that I like to eat unhealthy amounts of frozen treats so I wouldn't mind paying extra for something a little better for the body.