Thursday, February 20, 2020

Chipwich Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

[New for 2020] After a failed run to Roche Bros in the morning (aka no new products), I ran out to Stop & Shop and lunch to grab something new for my belly. I only saw my first picture of this product yesterday, so I was stoked to find...

Chipwich Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich
sugar cookies, rainbow sprinkles, birthday cake ice cream

That's right, Chipwich has catchy new packaging and a new flavor! Birthday Cake joins Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip and the Original flavor. To me, this makes good sense to round out their lineup. Rather than an incremental change to the other two flavors, we've got both a new flavor and a new cookie. It's a smart move that makes me curious about 2021.

Is it good? Ofcourse! I was a little surprised by the sturdiness of the sugar cookies, but at the same time, I kind of loved that they were a hardy, crunchy cookie. A lot of times we get softer cookies (and occasionally soggy cookies), but these were fresh and fun.

I didn't think a ton about the birthday cake flavor coming out of the filling this time around. There's definitely a ton of sweetness coming at you, and a few sprinkles too. What? You didn't think they would all stay perfectly on the cookie as you crunch through it? Hehehe.

So yeah, I enjoyed these and look forward to my second and third servings. It's tasty, it's different, and I had fun. Yes, you have to be a little careful because of the solid cookie, but I'd rather have this nice, flavorful, sugary cookie than some other hum drum option. Wait, even better, I'd rather have this cookie than some boring wafer with a picture of John Cena on it (please don't hurt me Mr. Cena, I just watched your Playing with Fire movie and my son though it was awesome.)

On Second Scoop: Monday!

Verdict?  Good!
Buy Again?  Yup!

Allergy Note: Manufactured on shared equipment


Rabbit Girl said...

have you ever tried the cream'wich brand?

Dubba Scoops said...

They look good but they don't appear to be around my area (though there product locator doesn't seem to work very well)

Rabbit Girl said...

Yes, I think we're in similar product regions so i haven't seem them either but word on the street(that i don't live on) is that they top chipwich--but perhaps because chipwich is so mass-produced, thus making it available to us and making cream'wich not an option

Rabbit Girl said...

ps, i thought you MIGHT have tried them only because you make a point of trying regional items when you do venture west.

Anonymous said...

Just tasted these for the first time; they are delicious and filling. The cookie texture is soft and tastes natural right along with the ice cream. Very rich! It's hard to find a store bought ice cream cookie with quality flavor.