Friday, March 6, 2020

Turkey Hill All Natural Cookie Dough Ice Cream

[New for 2020] That bad news is that I have two tubs of all natural Turkey Hill ice cream that need to go back to price chopper because they let them melt and go bad. The good news is that I found a replacement for their spot in the freezer.

Turkey Hill All Natural Cookie Dough Ice Cream
All natural brown sugar and molasses flavored ice cream
with chewy chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips

The description sounds like their regular cookie dough flavor, hopefully it will bring back the awesomeness that their regular cookie dough once had (sorry, the regular version isn't the same greatness that is was 20 years ago).

I take my first bite and it's not amazing, but I am definitely interested to take another. I take a few more bites and wonder why it has a salty taste to it. I was hoping for more of a sweet brown sugar vibe but this is more of a salty butter brickle vibe (is that even the right term there?).

....actually, it kind of reminds me of when they tried to make popcorn flavored ice cream. It's that kind of strange, weird, salty buttery flavoring kind of. Now that said, I just went back for a quick refill of my cup, so it's not as bad as it sounds.

So, I'm here with an empty cup (again) and I'm a bit torn I guess. I appreciate the new flavor choice, but I'm not sure why they dialed it in like they did. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

On Second Scoop: I'm still not in love with this one, yet I keep scooping it anyway.... how about this, I will buy this one at least one more time to see if maybe I got an off container. Maybe the next one won't have that pop of salty pretzel-y bite to it (yes, I know there are no pretzels, but this flavor reminds me of them anyway).

The Final Scoops: both of my last servings had distinctly more cookie dough in them and that fact definitely helped cut in to that weird pop I was getting from the base. I know I will try this one at least one more time, if only for a change of pace from my regular picks (vanilla, vanilla & chocolate, chocolate chocolate chip, and blackberry swirl).

Verdict?  kind of odd
Buy Again?  at least once


halcyon said...

This sounds great to me! I've recently discovered how improved ice cream can become with a little sprinkle of salt.

Unknown said...

Turns out investment company just bought Turkey Hill and quality is way down. Same problem with Breyers, all vanilla, no dough or chips. Breyers commented back to me and weight machine must be off. 2 companies off my list.

Dubba Scoops said...

2 thoughts:

1) the quality of their regular product has been going down for years, that's why I only eat their all natural stuff

2) I looked up the sale of Turkey Hill, little disappointed that I missed this news from almost two years ago