Monday, March 9, 2020

Cheesecake Factory at Home - Birthday Cake

[New for 2020] Who's ready for synergy? Cheesecake Factor is using their brand recognition to score an easy win in your local freezer aisle. Produced by Wells Dairy (the Blue Bunny people), Cheesecake Factory at Home is releasing faux pints (14 oz) of several different flavors. They haven't gone super crazy with the flavors to start, but I think I grabbed the funnest one.

Cheesecake Factory at Home - Birthday Cake
cake flavored cheesecake ice cream with a signature cream cheese blend,
sour cream, cake pieces, swirls of icing and candy sprinkles

I do love sprinkles! Got a swirl going too.

I like this shot even though there is no cake. Note: I'm one of those people that thinks sprinkles should crunch in ice cream... these sprinkles crunch :)

There's not a ton of cake, but it does pop up to some degree.

The funny thing is that it really does kind of have the texture of cheesecake. Can I quantify that? It doesn't have that smoothness of say a super premium ice cream. I want to say it tastes like frozen cheesecake, but I've never had frozen cheesecake. It's just fluffier/spongier. Nope, that still sounds bad. Maybe you should just try it for yourself.

How do they pull that texture off? Well, if you recall some old reviews, I've always thought the ice cream pints produced by Wells Dairy had a different texture (this would apply to both the older 2nd street creamery as well as the newer 7-Eleven stuff they produce). Maybe they somehow translated that density and different texture in to these new pints. To say it another way, this is clocking in at 87 grams per half cup serving, that's more mainstream weight then super premium ice cream weight.

I had enough fun on my first serving, let's see how #2 goes

On Second Scoop: I wasn't totally in the mood for this today, but once I took a bite, I was amused again. It's definitely not a typical ice cream in terms of flavor or texture. I give them points for really trying to be unique. That said, I do think this falls a bit flat as a kitchy kool treat trying to grab my five bucks. The sprinkle and cake factor need to be at least doubled to make me want to buy this again. The birthday cake portion of this flavor just doesn't really come across because the base is so unique and flavorful. I'll be trying some of the other flavors to see if they balance out anymore.

Verdict?  different
Buy Again?  will try a few other flavors at least


  1. I'm interested in the Key Lime, so if you have that in your arsenal, can you try this next.

  2. I've seen this at the store, but haven't pulled the trigger yet due to the price (generally we load up on Talenti, Ben & Jerry's, etc. when they are on sale). Based on this I may have to continue to wait it out, though hopefully one of the other flavors makes it a must buy!

  3. Like Eric, I'm waiting until these go on sale to try one, though your review has made me wobble on Birthday Cake being my choice.

    Maybe it's in most/all ice cream and I'm just oblivious, but is it unusual to prominently feature Sour Cream as one of the ingredients? Maybe that contributed to texture somehow.

  4. sour cream is definitely an odd ball ingredient but I'm sure it is part of the uniqueness of this lineup.

  5. I know some people do put sour cream in their cheesecake, but it does surprise me that it ranks that highly on the ingredient list. Usually there's just a little bit in with the cream cheese mixture, but that highly?? That's interesting...

  6. Actually a lot of classic cheesecakes have an entire sour cream layer on top. There is a historical cookbook called Virginia Hospitality where the traditional cheesecake from long ago had this sour cream layer.

  7. Key Lime and Original are GREAT! I just bought this flavor and strawberry. I really like the graham cracker swirl, and birthday cake doesn’t have it, but I have high hopes. I’m in love with the unique texture.


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