Wednesday, March 4, 2020

4 new Talenti layered flavors

Ok, I stumbled on four new layered flavors hanging out at a Shaw's together

So I already know that Lemon Berry Pie is good (review here), but what to try next? Since I have no interested in Coffee (Cookie Crumble) or Coconut (Chocolate Cookie), I think I may have to go Banana Caramel Crunch next. I am a little afraid though because the banana in their banana chocolate swirl (review here) was way too ripe for my liking.

With non-dairy being the hot newness, Talenti has been trying to point out that they have a few dairy flavors over the last few years. That said, I'm still a little surprised that the trend hit one of their layered flavors, that's usually something Haagen-Dazs will do (pushing an idea across multiple product lines that is).

So, which order you grabbing them in?


  1. Coffee cookie crumble, coconut, lemon then the opposite of your choice! However, I love the coffee flavors. I've tried a lot of good coconut based yogurt alternatives so I'm looking to give the ice cream versions a whirl too now.

  2. For me the coffee flavor was the only one that really called to me, though I'd consider the banana one as well. I've never been the biggest fruit in my ice cream (though strawberry is an exception), but the lemon one is somewhat intriguing. Coconut has never been my thing, and definitely isn't one you'd find in my freezer

  3. I just had the banana one and while it is a ripe banana flavor, it's not banana bread bad and the mixins help a lot. Disclaimer I like my bananas with just a little green still left. Once a brown spot appears, I'm outta here!

  4. I would pick up all four flavors if they were available in my area.


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