Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Burger King Coke ICEE Float Review

Come on, you didn't really think I was going to go more than a few days without trying the other member of the BK ICEE float family did you? I had the perfect excuse to go for it yesterday, and I'm glad I did, it was a mere $1.29! That's less than drink from a gas station.

Now it's not as pretty as the cherry icee float I tried first because they were having a bit of trouble with the machine (it got jammed up). No matter, I knew it was all about that magical ratio of icee to shake/soft serve (I'm still not really sure which it is -- not that there is a huge difference). High Hopes here!

So I immediately tried to mix things up so I wouldn't waste any, but it's tough with just a straw. I messed around and had some success. Now I need to remind everyone that I'm not a huge coke float fan because I think it's more coke than float and that has never done a whole lot for me. That said, I enjoyed this combo. It's a nice mix of coke, fizz, and shake.

I only see two downsides here. 1) I'm not really sure this would quench my thirst.  2) Yet again, the last 25% was pretty boring as it was mostly icee.

Verdict?  nice
Buy Again?  definitely


  1. I do not like the Burger Coke Icee Float...no phizz. They should tell you that it is made with an Icee because most people assume that they will get the traditional REAL coke.

    1. it's comments like these that really make me wonder about the future of mankind.....


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