Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poll Results

Ok, time to recap the last two poll questions.

The first question I asked was if Bacon belongs with ice cream. This question was inspired by my april fool's joke. A respectable 28% (40 votes) said yes! Bacon is a wonderful thing, so that's why I was pleasantly surprised that another 21% (30 votes) said Maybe. Keeping an open mind never hurt anybody. To round things out, the other half of you said NOOOOOOOOOOOO (71 votes). Understandable. I keep telling myself I would be willing to try bacon in ice cream, though I question if I would hesitate at the last moment.

The second question was a bit more vague, and I apologize for that. Basically, I had stumbled across some excellent treats from the U.K. and was wondering if we needed to expand what's on the site. I can't say I've found a local place that carries international ice cream, but I was wondering if maybe I could track down an occasional guest blogger to let us know what we are missing. Here, let me give you an example.

Blog reader Nick has tipped me off that in some parts of Europe they've got MAGNUM McFlurries! How funky is that? They are a mix of softserve, Magnum sauce and Magnum "crowns" (chips). That would be a classic, or you can add brownie chunks or almond bits, at least in Germany and Switzerland. I'm having a bit of trouble navigating the global world of McDonald's websites, so I can't really say just how global this campaign is. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised, that Magnum Marketing machine is going crazy, they even got Benicio Del Toro in one of their commercials.

Anyway, here are the results to "Does the blog need to go global?"

Let's keep it local for now - 35 (29%)
Bring on Canada! - 13 (11%)
Bring on the UK! - 6 (5%)
Bring anything!! - 55 (47%)
Don't Care - 8 (6%)

So that means 2/3 of you are more than ready for more ice cream, which is very cool.

Hmmmm, now to track down some guest bloggers, or at least cover global developments in the news now and then.


  1. woah I must've read your mind when I sent you the idea for us to take a trip to switzerland for magnum mcflurries aha

  2. Bring it on! I'm in Australia and it always makes me so sad and jealous to see reviews of stuff I can't get here!

  3. Ok I live in the Uk and we do not get Magnum McFlurrys here!! I wish we did cause they sure look AMAZING!

  4. I don't know what "Magnum" is in the U.K., but whenever I think of Magnum, I think of the "plus sized" condoms by the same name. That reason alone is why I could never eat a MAGNUM McFlurry.

  5. @Nick: sorry man, I forgot to credit you in the original post, I will correct.

    @Lizzi: so what's big down your way?

    @LoC: yeah, I was real surprised these missed you guys... maybe in the fall?

    @Dave: I will freely admit that it's a bit weird, but my love of ice cream overrides the branding.

  6. The night after reading reading this, I woke up, almost in a panic in the middle of the night, seriously craving a McFlurry. You know what? I went and got one... and stayed up for a couple of hours to make it seem semi-acceptable practice. Then again, I don't live with my parents. I can do what makes me happy!

  7. Man it seems like we never get the good limited edition fast food stuff in the U.S. Actually come to think of it everyone else gets the best stuff. That's it, I'm moving to Europe! :P

  8. I recently had a carmael bacon gelato at Paciugo it was delicious!


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