Thursday, May 19, 2011

McDonald's M&M McFlurry : Love it to Bits!

Ok, I didn't really love it, but after forgetting where exactly the nearest Wendy's was in relation to where I was, I decided to check in at that place that I never go: McDonald's.

While Europe enjoys Magnum McFlurries, and the U.K. enjoys Smartie McFlurries and... well, I could drive a few hours north and have me a Canadian Golden Oreo McFlurry, but around here, I had two choices: Oreo and M&M (funny, Australia has the same two choices).

M&M it is. Nothing fancy, just a regular size McFlurry filled with mini M&Ms for $2.69 plus service tax. The M&M's haven't been broken up by the blender, but they are scattered. Taking a trick from DQ, McD's now offers a $1.79 snack size McFlurry as well.

I dug in and did my best to enjoy the simple treat, but I can't say this did a whole lot for me.... Hey, how come some countries get to mix a swirl in their McFlurries? Hmmmm, I wonder how this would taste with a strawberry swirl? The treat is just... well, it just is. To be fair, it's not like I'm a huge fan of M&M blizzards either.

Sure, it's good enough in a pinch I guess, but with Friendly's and DQ providing more interesting treats in the same area, why bother wasting my time? At least my service was quick (first time I ever saw a double drive-thru).

Verdict?  ok
Buy Again?  nah

Dubba's Note: While it was very cool to learn I could add toppings to my Canadian McFlurry, I find it annoying that there isn't a big food button link right from the main page, instead I had to go to nutritional info. I don't care what the country is, I should be able to navigate a restaurant's website no matter how big the language barrier. It's food for pete's sake, the most universal and visual thing out there. It's just funny how the German site makes me hungry, yet I can't get to food on the French site.... Spain has Kit Kats and some kind of Nestle Crunch McFlurries. 

Oh, I could do this all night... Oh well, at least I don't live in Japan, apparently they only have Oreo McFlurries (In their defense though, they did had a Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry back in 2007)


Julien said...

From my Texas/California/France experience, I would rank those I've tried as follows...
(1) Butterfinger
(2) Oreo
(3) Kit Kat (France)
(4) Reeses
(5) M&M

Now, maybe that's part of why you didn't like it that much.

katie c said...

I think that Japan should totally make mochi McFlurries, hehe. :)

Jessica said...

And from Sweden I can report that we could buy salt liquorice McFlurry for a while. As well as McFlurry with a type of car shaped marshmallow like candy with a vague fruit flavour. The first one was a real hit, given you like salty liquorice...

Loving your blog by the way! Too bad I can't get any of the ice cream from here. Have to make do with eating it with my eyes...

Anonymous said...

The McDonald's in Singapore recently had Creme Brulee McFlurry!