Friday, May 13, 2011

Have you ever had a Burger King ICEE Float?
a.k.a. ICEEs on sale at BK!

While I was doing a little ice cream research one day, I found this April 2007 article titled "Burger King Offers Seasonal Desserts". A strange creation called an ICEE Float is mentioned. Funny, I don't go to BK much, but I certainly don't remember ever seeing an ICEE Float. I do a little digging and what do I find? Well, a 2002 BK commercial on youtube for a blue cherry "frozen float". So it's new to me since I've never seen it, yet it was "introduced" in 2007... yet it's technically available in 2002? I'm so confused!!! I searched and searched the internet for a review, but nothing!

An investigation must commence! To the scoopmobile!

I drove by one Burger King a week or two ago but no mention of the ICEE Float, and I didn't have the patience to wait through a long lunch line to ask for sure. I tried again today at a different BK and what do I see? ICEEs for just $1.00. Woohoo! Even if I don't score a float, at least I'm leaving with an ICEE. I drive around the corner and there it is sticking off the top of the menu board. ICEE Floats! Cherry or Coke. Small for $2.00 or a medium for $2.39. I place my medium cherry icee float order and I here "that'll be $1.70". Sweet, apparently ICEE Floats are on sale too!

Let's be honest with ourselves: this is a really nice looking treat. I really like this thin plastic cup that's filled to the top, it's almost a throw back to a thin sundae glass. I feel like I'm getting something special and different. To me, this screams treat. Sorry, I don't mean to be impressed by a piece of plastic, but working on your presentation skills is always a good thing.

Enough drooling, let's take a closer look. If you look at the red icee you notice it actually has a white sheen because the icee has blended with the base just a bit as it was poured in. Now important note here. I made the mistake of trying to drink a bit of ICEE off the top first and it did not hit me the right way. It tasted odd. It was an ICEE, but it wasn't. I can't describe it but I can tell you that I definitely didn't like it.

Thankfully I was only mildly detered and I went back at it, this time trying just the base. I'd say it's a nice vanilla soft serve, but it's too easy to sip through my straw, so it must be milkshake base --- Funny, I just went to the BK site to see if it was softserve or milkshake and I can't even find ICEE Floats on the website. Actually, it doesn't even say Cherry ICEE, it just says Frozen Cherry. Hmmmm, anyway, I like it, it's tasty and smooth.

Time to be bold and really dig in. I stir the treat and aim for the mix line. I take a few sips and I say hmmmmm. I take a few more sips and discover something... good. Mmmmm, it's like an easy to drink, mild cherry milkshake. It's cheezy to say, but we are getting the best of both worlds here. It started a little rough, but a bit of mixing and a bit of luck and this is an easy drinking treat. You know what my problem with this treat is? The magical shake/ICEE combo only lasts for a short time. This treat is so easy to drink that I drank it too quick! So it took me 20% percent to figure it out, the next 50% went quick, another 10% of waning flavor, and then the last 20% or so percent is weak (shake to ICEE ratio is way to low).

Overall I was sad to see this treat be done. I got the medium, but if there was a large, I would go for it... actually, I would be satisfied if the treat was a bit more shake and a little less ICEE so that the magical combo lasted a bit longer. Actually, in a perfect world, the two would be poured side by side so you get a perfect ratio throughout. I'm definitely going to give this another try, but I liked the cherry one so much, I'm almost afraid to try the coke version.

Verdict? Different! (in a good way!)
Buy Again? definitely

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