Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Blue Bunny Soft Vanilla

[New for Early 2023] Have you ever tried those Klondike shake pouches? If you have, then you already know what today's review tastes like.

Blue Bunny Soft Vanilla
vanilla with other natural flavors soft frozen dairy dessert

Pretty typical Blue Bunny opening shot.

And then the food science kicks in...

It only took one bite to know that this would be a product that I would never buy again. I'm sure some food science gurus are pretty proud of themselves... but they shouldn't be.

AHAHAHAAHA. Ok, that was just mean on my part. I apologize to the gurus. They were tasked with a mission and they accomplished it... unless this was all an accident. I mean, maybe they were trying to see just how light they could make frozen dairy dessert and this creation was an accident. Who knows, and honestly, I don't really care.

Wow, I'm angry today apparently. Maybe I'm just mad that I'll never be able to make a difference in the freezer aisle unless I win a very large lottery, and even then, who knows if I could make a difference at this point.

Wait, I'm supposed to talk about the product right? Ok, well, I don't like it. It's not spit out terrible, but it's weird. It's light, it's processed, it's chemically. Occasionally you get a bite and think "maybe this ain't too bad", but then you keep scooping, and revoke your statement.

I assume that these also taste like the Blue Bunny Twist Cones I never tried.... and having tried this product, I no longer need to try those cones.... though if I had a sugar cone handy, I would try making my own... I have some pizelles, maybe I should mix this with those.

Ok, i'll stop being angry now. This isn't the world's worst product, and every product will find an audience, but this is so far removed from ice cream that I feel bad putting it on the blog.... AHAHAHA, there I go being mean again.

(Dear Blue Bunny, I apologize for being mean. We used to be tight. I miss those days)

On Second Scoop: Nope.... just nope. I'm all done with this. Weird marshmallow like texture plus weird taste, this is a permanent nope for me.

Verdict?  stay away (if you want)
Buy Again?  nope

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Packed Away said...

But did you try it with the pizelles?/s Yeah, I've never seen packaged soft serve go well. It's just not meant to be readily available like that. Maybe someone will get it right someday.

Anonymous said...

I stopped buying Blue Bunny many years ago when they stopped making real ice cream. They seem to be getting worse and worse especially putting out garbage like this. Most people don't even realize that none of their products are actual ice cream and hasn't been for years.

Dubba Scoops said...

@PA: Ha, I wound up trying to making a milkshake with it instead.... it was weird :)

@Anon: I definitely miss older Blue Bunny :(

Chris S said...

The concept is baffling to me. And being BB I figured it might turn out this way. Thanks for your bravery in trying out this strange experiment.

Dubba Scoops said...

Ha! You're welcome!

Chris Invierno said...

I haven't purchased Blue Bunny since the switch to FDD and I don't anticipate that changing any time soon. There are simply too many companies making high quality products for me to waste my money.

Unknown said...

To each his own, I suppose. Personally, I LOVE soft serve dairy and this is no exception. I like the soft "marshmallowy" texture and the fairly low cholesterol count is a plus as well.

Dubba Scoops said...

Pretty sure we can have different opinions... yup, I checked, we can.

Anonymous said...

Why do they need to put carrageenan and high fructose corn syrup in it? That stuff is not exactly considered acceptable these days. Yeah, I get that it is basically frozen junk food but still. I don't need it to be absolute junk.

Anonymous said...

This is the BEST ice cream there is. It reminds me of either dairy queen or McDonald's ice cream with how good it is. I think you just have covid and can't taste right

Dubba Scoops said...

Yes, it must be that you are totally right and I am totally wrong. Good argument. Enjoy your chemicals and food science.

Anonymous said...

You are SO right! "Chemically" is what it tasted like. I just tried the Cookies N Cream and it tasted like crap compared to their normal version. So disappointed. Long time BB fan and agree with your review 100%

Anonymous said...

I know, it sucks if you want REAL ice cream, it alwats states it on the carton. If it dosn't it's NOT.
It's full of air! Ugggggggggggg