Saturday, March 25, 2023

New on Shelves: Van Leeuwen Spring 2023 Lineup

[March-May 2023] I have a question.... is it time to stop reviewing Van Leeuwen flavors? I'm feeling pretty cranky in 2023. I feel like the freezer aisle is a mix of stuff that doesn't have the texture of true ice cream or stuff that doesn't have a flavor of (somewhat) traditional ice cream, aka it's all one big dumb gimmick and it's wearing me out.

Ok, let me step back for a moment. It's not that I wouldn't try all of these flavors except the hidden valley ranch one because I have yet to see a comment from someone who enjoyed it. It seems the best result you can hope for is not spitting it out the second it hits your tastebuds.

I think my biggest problem is how this stuff gets to my local Walmart. As I picked up these pints to get a picture, they were not cold or solid. I'm tired of spending five bucks on a pint that either has irredeemably hard cake bits or a pint that makes my stomach upset for who knows what reason. 

I want to be happy that Van Leeuwen is spicing up a Walmart freezer aisle that has become pretty devoid of personality, but instead I just get ticked because I never know what I'm going to get. Plus, it's not like there is a Walmart with a grocery store in every town, I'm not hiking an extra 20+ minutes for pints that could be just as frustrating as the ones near my house.

So, I leave this one up to you dear reader. If you try one of these, let us know how it goes, or if you just want to sound off that you already gave up on Van Leeuwen, that's fine too. Please keep in mind that this is not a "I hate Walmart" debate even though it probably sounds like it.

Lineup: Blood Orange Chocolate Chip, Sweet Maple Cornbread, Honey Graham Cracker, HIdden Valley Ranch, Strawberry Shortcake, and Carrot Cake. Not shown is Limoncello Cake.


  1. I give them a lot of credit for creativity. I tried a couple of flavors when they first came out and Im not even sure those flavors are still around anymore. My problem is that when I pick up the pint, it feels empty. Almost like it could be filled with marshmallows. Im blowing a lot of calories and money for ice cream. It needs to have some heft to it.

  2. That’s been the state of the grocery aisle for a while. With the rising prices, local or mail order make more and more sense if you want real quality product.

  3. Long time readers know that I've been complaining about these issues for a very long time. Maybe a better way to pose the question would be: What's the breaking point of the ice cream aisle? Or is there even one? I don't even know if we have some other product group we could compare it to.

  4. I still feel the same. There isn’t a breaking point for me, I just become more picky with my spend. For example Publix has two new brands on shelves that are $7.99 and $8.99 a pint. The cal count is 200-220ish and they feel that way weight wise. I’ve been around long enough to pass. Blue Bell is way more consistent in that range with more frequent flavors and half the cost. For the other more premium brands I just wait for sales. All of that mixed with the occasional Caffe Panna, Salt & Straw, local spot and my freezer is in a good place.

  5. It is too bad you aren't in TX. People here seem to love HEB brand and they still have a lot of real flavors and ice creams. That said, I'm sure I miss out on all of the Coastal specialties.

    Also have a lot of local pints in stores. But I refuse to pay $9 for pints.

  6. A coworker jokingly sent a picture of his Texas ice cream stash and there was plenty of HEB in the mix :)

  7. Dubba
    Sadly the Walmart SuperCenters near me don't have the most recent VL flavors.

  8. That's annoying! Do they always lag behind?

  9. I too, have had mixed experiences with this brand. Flavors are nice, but the texture is all wrong, like it is stale (if that is even possible)

  10. I'm going to break the mold and say that I liked the ranch ice cream. I also loved the honey mustard one and the mac and cheese one. Their lemon poppy seed, limoncello cake, and carrot cake have all been winners in my books. I'm less enthused by their more normal flavors, though.

    1. I also liked the ranch ice cre.. Ive h a vam. I didn't like the taste frozen so I let it get soft and it was delicious. I drank it like a milkshake and the ranch taste wasn't strong at all. Went back for another one but couldn't find one. Also the blood orange is good.

  11. 5/21/2023 Newbie here. I tried the Limoncello, Strawberry Shortcake and the Carrot Cake. They were all delicious and I went back to buy multiples of the Limoncello and Carrot Cake as they were my favorites. My Wal-Mart as well has been keeping these at temperatures where they are not being kept frozen. They are soft and almost completely melted. They had a new flavor (Summer Peach Crisp) the other day but couldn’t purchase because it was melted. I have been buying them at a store a little further out as they are frozen solid.

  12. I have given this ice cream numerous chances and there is just something about the texture I can' get over. Graeters is french pot but much smoother than VL. So I am done wasting my money.


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