Saturday, February 24, 2024

Blue Bunny Twist

[New for early 2024] Oh Blue Bunny, you do know how to get my attention, don't you? Somehow they know that I'm a sucker for a cool looking plastic container filled with frozen treats. I know I said I was against their soft frozen dairy dessert, but let's give it one more try.

Blue Bunny Twist (Soft Frozen Dairy Dessert)
Strawberries & Cream and Blu's Birthday Cake

Oh man, that's very cool looking, I love it!

Trying birthday first (though I would be happy to just frame it on the wall). Anyway, I take a bite and... I do not like the way that feels on my tongue. Kind of like eating frozen cool whip. I press on.

There is a weirdness in the aftertaste as well, but there is part of me that likes this. Seriously. I think it reminds me of cereal marshmallows. Not that cereal marshmallows are the greatest thing ever (well, nowadays anyway), but they do have a certain vibe and I'm getting that vibe here.

For the record, I like the blue part better than the white part. To the other pint!

Strawberry is pretty cool looking, but definitely not as cool.

Thank goodness for this strawberry swirl. It's very sweet, flavorful, and most importantly, distracting! Regular readers know that I am a long time fan of strawberry flavors, and in particular, those with a nice, strong, strawberry flavor. This one is strong and that might be it's saving grace.

That said, I am picking up on some kind of weirdness, but I'm not positive where it's coming from. I can't tell if it's fleeting, or coming and going, but it's definitely not strong enough to make me stop. 

I hate to say it, but I'm glad I picked these up, at least for now. If you are curious, my other options were Candy Bar, Chocolate Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate, and Cherry Chocolate.

On Second Scoop: As much as my original soft encounter (here) made me not like this concept, I think I am softening to the idea.... ha, yeah, I said it, couldn't resist, but seriously, these aren't as bad as I originally thought. I think starting with the plain vanilla last time was my mistake. The food science experiment here needs a fairly strong flavor to distract from the other textural shortcomings. Another way to put it: I can see someone putting a few of these in the freezer and then just having a small serving when the frozen mood strikes. I think this went well enough overall to try a few of the other flavors at some point, and if you have some cereal handy, throw it in the birthday cake flavor [wait, should I complain that the cake flavor tastes like marshmallow, not cake?]

Official Descriptions: Blu's birthday cake is cake flavored & sweet cream with other natural flavors soft frozen dairy dessert swirled with ribbons of purple frosting. Strawberries & Cream is strawberry flavored & sweet cream with other natural flavors soft frozen dairy dessert swirled with ribbons of strawberry.

Verdict?  not terrible!
Buy Again?  will try the others at some point

click for strawberry's nutrition facts and ingredients


  1. Chiming in to say the cereal marshmallow description was spot on, and despite my disappointment with most things I've tried recently the birthday cake was a massively positive surprise for me, like best so far this year for me caliber, especially given I usually don't like FDD because of the texture. Thank you for that choice of words because without that I would have never taken the gamble haha

  2. Cookies & Cream Twist to me is a disappointment. I'm a HUGE cookies & cream fan, SADDEN that the twist is more blended than having cookie bits. Try again Blue Bunny


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