Saturday, August 8, 2020

Good Humor Brown Cinnamon Sugar Pop-tarts Bar

[New for 2020] I'm sorry that it's come to this, but I was just so desperate for something new yesterday. Yes, it felt good to throw a few new things in my shopping cart, and there was a momentary blip of food hunting happiness, but I think I feel sad now because I bought....

Good Humor Brown Cinnamon Sugar Pop-tarts Bar
frozen brown sugar cinnamon dairy dessert bar

Boring white wrapper...

And it looks exactly like I expected it to. It's got half the crumbs of a bar made a quarter century ago and is made with a pretty disappointing base. Uggggg. Definitely a waste of money.

Man I miss JC's Pie Pops right now....

I guess on one hand, I feel justified in thinking these would be trash, because they are (by trash I mean low quality, they don't literally taste like trash). On the other hand, I know the thought of these amuses a lot of people. I'm not here to ruin their fun, I'm just trying to save everyone from the massive disappointment they will feel when taking their first bite.

Yes it technically tastes like cinnamon, but with an epic lack of coating matched to a very flat frozen dairy dessert, it's just... it's just trash. It just frustrates me that they don't try harder. I'd rather the box cost $4.99 instead of $3.99 if it meant the coating was better.

On Second Scoop: meh. too disappointing.

Verdict?  boring
Buy Again?  ofcourse not


  1. As a big fan of the brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, I have been looking forward to finding these but with no luck.

    Maybe it's for the best

  2. You'll be fine if you still enjoy their other bars as well, but for people who haven't had this kind of bar in a long time, the experience might be a fairly big letdown.

  3. When I heard these were coming out, I knew they would be of poor quality and disappointing, so I never got my hopes up or got excited. I am sorry that this was actually the case. Just like the Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream, I feel irritated that these companies do not try harder but that is just my opinion. I hope others will save their money after reading your review and spend it on something worthwhile and satisfying.

  4. It's definitely tougher for those of us that remember "the good ol' days" when mainstream quality was higher.

  5. What happened to the JC Pie Pops. They got discontinued?

    I think that they just slapped the Pop Tarts branding and used regular coating. Should had used chunks of actual poptarts chopped up finely.

  6. JC closed up shop. They had been transitioning to the (shelf stable) pie bites products and were also working on a line of ice cream pints, but then they just shut up shop all of a sudden. We tried contacting JC but had no luck hearing back.

    As for the good humor bars, it's their typical coating and filling, but in cinnamon flavoring. It's not bad tasting, but it won't really make you think of poptarts.

  7. The decline of these bars is so sad to me . The toasted almond one used to be one of my favorite treats. And the single serve ones you’d get at convenience stores were always like twice the size of the ones in the multi packs. Sadly as you state, the whole line is garbage now

  8. Maybe a little ashamed to say I finally found them and... I really like them.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

  9. You've been hanging around here long enough to know you shouldn't feel ashamed :)

    The instagram post for these got a ton of traction and it felt like a 50/50 split between those who hate these and those who love them. I'm just too old to shake my frustration from what good humor used to be. Having had JC Pie Pops doesn't help. I'm glad you liked them. I wish I could too!

    1. On second scoop, it would definitely be better with actual ice cream instead of the watery dairy dessert.


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