Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Talenti Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free Sorbetto
Talenti Strawberry Hibiscus Dairy-Free Sorbetto

[New for 2020 - SH retired] Ok, I know it's now June August, but in my defense, I took this first picture in mid April. It was yet another of our weird late season snowfalls and it seemed like a fun time to break in to the shipment of free samples that Unilever sent over.

Talenti Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free Sorbetto #59
Talenti Strawberry Hibiscus Dairy-Free Sorbetto #60

Not only is it pretty on the outside...

...but it's pretty on the inside too! You know what it reminds me of to a certain degree? That excellent strawberry balsamic sorbetto that Gelato Fiasco made, but instead of balsamic in the mix, we get hibiscus. (I must be tired because for a second I thought that rhymed).

Simply put, it's not bad. I want to love it more, but there's a bit of weirdness to it. Unfortunately, I can't tell if it's a texture thing or a flavoring thing (hey, maybe it's both). I try to get a scoop with a lot of swirl but I'm not sure if it's helping me figure out what's what.

I'm not super sure of how broad the appeal will be (plenty of people will scratch their head at the hibiscus part), but I'm glad I tried it. It should go well with a nice sunny day.... oooo, just envisioned this in a half strawberry sorbetto, half lemonade sorbetto swirl to really make it pop. Anyway, if you think this is up your alley, you'll probably enjoy it.

This is the other friend in the mix and it's a pretty standard chocolate sorbetto. It's enjoyable and I have no complaints ---- and now for some truth-y truth: the reason I've waited so long to post this review is that I've been trying to get my son to try it before I post it, but he's just never in the mood. So, after a few months in the chest freezer and a few months in the upstairs freezer, it's still waiting for him there. I always worry that some will take that as a slight of this product, but it's not meant that way. Like I said, it's fine, I have no complaints. It just hasn't been finished properly.

Thanks again to Unilever for all the free samples they sent over. This is the last review for them (they're all gone now, well, except for some klondike donuts floating around the chest freezer).

Verdict?  pretty good
Buy Again?  maybe!


  1. These pint pictures are looking like abstract art :P
    Also, not sure if you've mentioned this on the blog yet as I haven't caught up, but has quarantine changed your ice cream habits or preferences? Feels like I've been reaching for a scoop less lately, weirdly enough.

  2. I've mentioned in passing that my ability to find new stuff is greatly reduced, but I don't know if I've mentioned how it's affected how much I eat. Instead of a splurge premium ice cream at lunch (often something nutty) and then a nice all natural ice cream as my last snack of the day, now I have mid-morning ice cream and then maybe an after fun frozen snack. Selection is limited in the freezer so not a lot of day to day variety. Lots of Turkey Hill All Natural ice cream has been consumed, that's for sure.


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