Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough Pint Slice

[New for 2018] There are three new pint slices this year and one in particular has my attention because it means an excuse to give the Tonight Dough another shot. Now the fact that there are three new pint slices this year might imply that these new treats did pretty well last year. I say might because B&J's isn't know for cycling in a product for just one year. It's more like the lineup would grow, then stagnate, and then fade away. Marketing lesson aside, let's dig in to....

Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough Pint Slice
caramel ice cream bars with chocolate cookie swirls
 & gobs of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough,
covered in a dark chocolatey coating with cookie crumbs

I know it doesn't really matter, but I like the colors here. It's just funny how a certain shade of a color can just grab the eye so much. ("shut up and open it already Dubba")

Not my best camera/display work.

You might remember from three years ago that I wasn't exactly won over by The Tonight Dough when it came out. Late Night Snack had set the bar too high for me to properly enjoy the latest from Jimmy Fallon. That said, I enjoyed my first testing of this new pint slice.

It started a little slow, but once I started hitting the numerous pb dough bites, things really started to click. I wouldn't say I fell in love, but I started appreciating the complexity of the flavor. It's like a dark chocolate start with a peanut butter finish and it works pretty well. I'm just sitting here with the lingering aftertaste debating how I would rank this (if I was in to ranking things).

Because the flavoring is so.... poignant shall we say, I can see keeping a box of these in the freezer for when a specific mood hit. It wouldn't be a daily driver, it would be more of a decadent note to treat myself or recover from a bad day. I guess it just feels like a mature treat.

On Second Scoop: WHOOPS! I forgot to write down some thoughts after I enjoyed the second and third pint slices, but the good news is, I did enjoy the other two. I still wouldn't call it love, but this feels like a better way to enjoy the Tonight Dough.

Verdict?  better
Buy Again?  sure


  1. I wanted to try these, as I thought they seemed the most "exciting" of all the slices--and I really enjoyed them! I've only tried the Americone Dream ones besides these, though. Which of the others did you like best?

  2. So odd that it's superior to the pint version. That pint version is a mess of great elements that don't work together as applied.

  3. Is it odd, or does it actually make sense because it attempts to fix the problem? :)


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