Monday, April 30, 2018

Gelato Fiasco Sunken Treasure Gelato

[New for 2018] Ok, I think it's well past the time that we try this next flavor. This free sample has been patiently waiting for a month trying to get my attention... well, let me clarify. I keep thinking about it, but it's just never in my general vicinity when I do. Let's finally dig in to...

Gelato Fiasco Sunken Treasure Gelato
brown butter gelato, salty pretzel booty, bourbon truffles

What exactly will brown sugar gelato taste like? More or less what you would expect it to taste like actually. It's hard to elaborate really. If you've eaten brown sugar on it's own, it tastes like that.

What that last paragraph really means though is that the mix-ins will either make or break this flavor. Plenty of flavors are like that, but they've gone and used pretzels which is a risky endeavor. You should know by now that I love pretzels, but keeping them safe and crunchy is no easy task. Now the neat thing is that this is "pretzel booty" and not your average chocolate covered pretzels. Do they stay crisp? Ehhh, well....

There are two more factors to consider. One, the fudge swirl, which I couldn't really taste to be honest. I was getting it but it just wasn't registering on this first scooping. The other factor is the bourbon truffles, which to me taste more like coffee than bourbon. There is a bit of alcohol-ness mixed in to it, but I seriously think coffee here. Granted I don't like alcohol, so that makes that a plus right?

The overall flavor is definitely one of brown sugar and I did find myself waiting for that salty pop of the pretzels to spice things up. They do help, and the truffles do add bites that have a more complex flavoring to them, but I just didn't fall in love on this first scooping. Don't get to scared off as I did still eat half the pint, but I never quite settled in. I couldn't tell if I preferred the more solid bites or the melted edges that struck me as a little more robust.

So those are my official thoughts as I sit here with what seems to be a coffee aftertaste (though I suspect that it has to do with whatever particular bourbon they have hiding in the truffles). Will the second scooping go better? I suspect so...  also, I made this flavor sound excellent to some of you right?

On Second Scoop: I finally had my second official scooping and basically it recaps my thoughts. A hint of coffee flavoring, the pretzels didn't hold up well, but overall a pretty unique flavor to help spice up your freezer. Not necessarily a daily driver, but maybe something you grab a handful of small bites from to go "yeah, that's cool and different". It's not going to taste like anything else in your freezer yet it's still an approachable flavor. That's kind of what Gelato Fiasco does, so props for continue that trend.

Update: I've gone through several of these pints because I learned that mixing it with Turkey Hill all natural vanilla ice cream makes an amazing combo. Like you, I get bored of plain vanilla too, but when I cut it with sunken treasure, magic happens. I'm not saying ST is bad on its own, it's just that the lighter texture and mellower flavor really click with me, especially as my finally snack of the day.

Verdict?  different
Buy Again?  sure


Bulldoger said...

I tried this last weekend. My thoughts: I love brown sugar and the first couple of bites I really loved. The base is so unusual. But after that it kind of became too much and I had to put it down. Which is not necessarily a bad thing but unusual for me. Especially since I temper ice cream to the point that it canno be refrozen. I loved the mix ins but they were all in the bottom. So in this case really ‘sunken’. The swirl was yummy. Since I enjoyed all components of this I will repurchase. But I will definitely just scoop 1/3 of the pint and put the rest back...again not a bad thing!

MrSawltee said...

Hoping you can share more detail. Is brown sugar a main ingredient? I bake brown butter cookies and have a feel for how rich a brown butter gelato would be. But I am reading from your post and the other comment that this tastes like brown sugar and not brown butter which would amp up the sweetness factor considerably. What else can you share on this?

Dubba Scoops said...

Figures the one time I forget the nutrition panels... ha, just kidding! I feel a little silly now for relating this to what I know (brown sugar) rather than noticing the ingredient said "brown butter". It's like a read it, but I just didn't process it. I didn't even know brown butter was a thing! Anyway, nutrition panel is up and I hope that helps at least a little.

MrSawltee said...

Thanks @Dubba