Saturday, April 28, 2018

M&M's Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

[New for 2018] The original M&M ice cream sandwich has gone through several redesigned boxes over the years, but it's never had a sibling, until now....

M&M's Chocolate Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches
chocolate reduced fat ice cream, sandwiched between chocolate cookies,
with M&M's Brand Minis Milk Chocolate Candies

Ha, brown wrapper with all the details on it. I respect that.

Looks decent. All these years later and I'm still a little torn about the mini M&M's. They are easier to manage (eat) than a frozen regular size M&M, but visually they don't have the same impact. I also wish there were more of them ofcourse.

I dig in and it's decent. I basically spent the whole time trying to decide how I would describe the chocolate. I finished without deciding....  It's a decent treat with a decent cookie to ice cream ratio. It's definitely chocolate for all of you who might be bored with a standard chocolate chip cookie sandwich (I am not one of these people). Yeah, I'm not sure what to say other than it's gone now.

On Second Scoop: it probably sounded snarky in that last paragraph, but I really do appreciate when a company adds a chocolate version of a "vanilla" product (take vanilla either literally or figuratively). They've got a nice soft cookie with typical but decent enough chocolate light ice cream and it does work. I still can't properly describe the chocolate cookie other than saying it's a typical generic chocolate soft cookie (like if you ever buy those store brand chocolate cookie packs in the cookie aisle). I suspect this will be another treat where I will be sad when I eat the sixth and final sandwich. I love ice cream sandwiches and I always appreciate something new in this space. --- FYI the third one was even tastier. See, they are growing on me.

Verdict?  good enough!
Buy Again?  probably!


Rabbit Girl said...

Not directly related to this review(sorry) but I noticed the header graphic contains all your most recently reviewed products. I never really paid attention before, do you make a new picture every week!?

Dubba Scoops said...

It does change, but more like there is a big change once a year and then I might make minor revisions during the year. So there was the big 2017 change, but I might exchange a pint or two to reflect like a limited flavor or just if I like something more (aka my first Talenti pint of the year vs my preferred Talenti pint of the year). Usually I photoshop all my pictures together for the header but this year I tried taking an actual picture which is why it looks a little different. Maybe I'll do a header recap for the upcoming tenth anniversary post.