Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I don't always remember to say it, usually because I'm busy watching the parade with my kids or eating glorious food with my extended family, but I'm remembering today. Life is short, and we should enjoy shared days like today. I've always said that I was born bitter and jaded, so you would think I would despise the complications that can arise on holidays (and as a kid, yeah, I did sometimes), but as the years pass, I like to think these days have become more special as I realize you can never have today back, so make the most of it so you remember it forever.

Now I really wanted to have this ready BEFORE today. See, I've been trying to get back to making ice cream for a long time now, since it's been over three years since I've posted one of my attempts. I had gathered (most of) the ingredients to create Scoop Adventures Cranberry Ice Cream, plus I've got some white chocolate chips to mix in, but I just started it this morning so I'm not sure I'm going to have the energy to finish it when we get back later today. If I do, I'll add pics, if not, then relax, enjoy some great food, and do you best not to stress. Bury the hatchet, give an extra hug, and give thanks that people care about you!

Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Update #1: Good news! My Cuisinart ICE-20 still works! The bad news is that I think this recipe is a smidge too big for a 1.5 quart ice cream maker. Anyway, so far so good, but it'll be awhile before this one is scoop ready. We did sample some before packing it up and it is indeed a potent flavor and not in my typical realm of what I pick out. That said, I have to admit this has been fun because it's neat to know this one started as a bag of fresh cranberries. The cinnamon has been tricking my brain into thinking I'm eating some kind of cherry pie filling, so I can wait to see how this one tastes when it's finally frozen solid.... I'm thinking breakfast sundae maybe tomorrow!

Update #2: You know, I still don't know how to make ice cream. Oh sure it looks right enough, but I still think I'm doing something wrong in terms of texture, and that's on top of the fact that this one is too strong for me. It's more of a complimentary ice cream I would eat with something else rather than something I would eat directly. Maybe less cranberries (and maybe some vanilla extract) next time.


  1. Try a custard base. You're missing the eggs. The ice cream I make, which turns out like gelato, has a recipe of egg yolks, sugar, cream and milk. It's a stovetop recipe but it's not hard to make and it's worth the extra time.The base alone with no flavoring is heavenly.

  2. thanks! I've been telling myself for years that I need to try a custard base.... one of these days!


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