Sunday, October 24, 2010

I made some ice cream quite long ago....

I made some ice cream quite long ago
why I didnt talk about it, I don't really know.

I was very excited with new techniques to apply,
but after I made it, time just seemed to fly by.

Oh, it was a thing of beauty and should have had a good taste,
but I did not record the formula in all of my haste.

Six months have past, yes this is very true,
and if I held my breath since then I would certainly be blue.

oh all would be lost if not for one thing,
oh I have pictures to help those old memories sing!

It all started with Smuckers Limited edition Apple Cinnamon topping,
if I ate this stuff straight my brain would be hopping.

Next I was hit with an idea so grand and profound,
I jumped for joy and my feet left the ground.

I will mix cocoa with the apples you see,
and then all the children will be full of such glee.

Now the swirl is all set, so what do I do?

I will fill it into a bag and move on to step two!

some cinnamon, some sugar, and some milk go in a bowl,
for you see my dear friends perfection is the goal.

In the Ice-20 it goes to make it ice cold,
and then go in the M&Ms to make sure that it's bold!

both parts are ready to go as you can now see,
i'll mix the tubes together and my creation will be!

behold oh behold the mighty ice cream with no name!
unfortunately the outcome is just such a shame...  

You see while this is different, the combo is flawed,
and though I have tried it, I am simply not awed.

I meant so well and again I will try,
but at the moment this flavor no one would buy.

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