Tuesday, November 28, 2023

DQ Frosted Sugar Cookie Blizzard

[New for Late 2022] How did I miss trying this one last year?

Dairy Queen Frosted Sugar Cookie Blizzard
sugar cookie pieces, icing, and festive sprinkles in soft serve

While not super photogenic, it was nice and flavorful!

I don't remember the sprinkles adding much crunch as I was mostly focused on the cookie pieces. They were good, but if I wanted to be super specific, they weren't perfect. You know how manufactured sugar cookies aren't the same as homemade sugar cookies? That little blip of manufactured flavor is present here in these cookies. It's mildly and it certainly won't stop me from getting this again.

Also, if I really want to overthink it, I could probably argue that this one might be a little too sweet for some. Granted mileage will vary and maybe I got a little too much icing in the mix, but I would keep the sweetness factor in mind if that can bother you from time to time.

That's all I got for now. We were headed back from college drop-off and fresh from a quiet little hobby store when we picked up some blizzards for the long ride home.... so, so, so long....

On Second Scoop: I got this one again, and while still not super photogenic, it was tasty enough! It's not one of those amazing blizzards, but it's a solid blizzard in my book.

Verdict?  plenty of flavor
Buy Again?  yup!


  1. Thanks Dubba. What I'm taking away is good, but nothing special and not a lot of #funfactor. Does that sound right? I can't imagine wanting this over the candy cane flavor personally.

  2. Ha! I guess I would want to argue that it's different enough to warrant attention, but yeah, not amazing in such a way as to knock your seasonal favorite from it's place. I guess I would relate it most to the cotton candy blizzard, though cotton candy does bring more of a #funfactor.

  3. We purchased this Blizzard at our local DQ yesterday. My daughter absolutely did not like it at all. I tasted it; it wasn't bad but there was nothing special about it. Pretty bland in presentation and taste. The sprinkles were rather non-existent, and the cookie pieces were pretty hard. Their website describes it as made by combining soft sugar cookie pieces, sweet icing and festive sprinkles. The sweet icing was also missing in action. Next time, we'll pass on this Blizzard (and the price!) and just get an ice cream cone. I mean, they can't mess that up, or can they? LOL


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