Monday, May 7, 2012

Wonka Chocolate Kerfuffle Truffle Ice Cream Review

Welcome back to Wonka Week!
[New for 2012, retired April 2013]

Ok, while I'd love to cover one of these a day, they are way too high octane (fatty) to be downing them like that, no matter how tasty they might be. So, I have to pace myself, but I think 3 hours of yard work justifies a nice treat. Let's dig in!

Oh man, I did it again, hold on....

There we go!
Wonka Kerfuffle Truffle
(not kerfluffle truffle)
Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Truffles & Swirls of Fudge

Be honest, it sounds a little tame right?
I mean, who hasn't pulled out the triple chocolate ice cream at one point or another?

However, this is Mr. Wonka, so maybe, just maybe....

Creamy Fudgosity?
It sounds like there might be something special about this ice cream after all.

The fudge swirl doesn't seem that prevalent, but there are chocolate hunks everywhere.

I am starved and waste no time digging in. I take a few bites and it's got a whole lot of chocolate going on. I take a few more bites and I made a quick diagnosis: Wonka has done it again! This may not be the finest chocolate base ever (it's hard to beat something like Chocolate Therapy), but Wonka has got a winner here because of two neat features.

The first highlight is the fudge swirl that you see in the picture above. If you look carefully at the coloring and texture, you might notice that it's not so much a typical thin chocolate sauce but in reality is a true fudge swirl. It actually has a fudge like consistency that I'm not sure I've ever seen before in an ice cream (at least not in a very long time). You don't get huge swirls of it, but when you hit a puddle of it like I did in the picture above, well, it's a nice taste that makes you want more and more. Ahhh, I just thought of it: The swirl is very much like a prepackaged fudgy cake frosting. Tasty, I just wish there was more of it!

Now that would, and probably should, be enough for you, but then there are the "kerfuffle" "truffles". I know a lot of people love the huge fudge chunks in Graeters, but I found them a bit overbearing. Sure, they were good, but all too often I would wind up with a huge chunk of chocolate and no ice cream. (Wow, I sound like some chocolate-hating person-type guy). Now, what if Wonka took a big fudge chunk like that but tweaked the recipe so that as you scooped the truffles, they break apart? That's right, for the first time ever, Wonka has taken a fundamentally simple concept like the chocolate "chip" and turned it on it's head by perfecting it into the kerfuffle truffle. How cool would Cherry Garcia be if it's mammoth chocolate chunks broke apart on impact?

Now I didn't even notice the phenomena at first, I just thought it was a fluke, but then it kept happening over and over again. It's just so cool! You may see a big chocolate chunk, go for it, and it breaks into 4 similar sized pieces with some on your spoon and some in the container. You might think this is a bad thing, but have no fear because these truffle bits are everywhere! What a totally fun way to spice things up.

I would have been happy with just another chocolate overload flavor, but yet again I find myself enjoying the experience of eating my ice cream as much as the taste of it. I love these chocolate bits and I wish more flavors had these in them. It's a big burst of chocolate flavor and texture, but without a big thud or displacement of ice cream. These softer truffle bits break apart and help spread the chocolatey goodness all around. I'm enjoying every bite here.

Nice job on this Wonka, I love the dedication. I'm not just saying that because it was a free sample. My only parting comment is that this one is so chocolaty and rich that one half cup serving was enough to tide me over. It was kind of like "wow, that was really good but now I need to go rest". Wait, maybe that was just the mowing talking....

On Second Scoop: I still like this one, it's fun. I think I need to reiterate that this is not some super fantastic ice cream base, it's actually fairly typical. This isn't B&J or H-D. What got me was how much fun the chunks were as well as the delight of hitting a big gooping of fudgy swirl (yes I made up that word because I can't think of anything better). So I was probably a little over excited on the first scoop, but I still like it and everyone else in the house enjoyed it as well. 

Verdict?  A fun take on a chocolate trifecta
Buy Again?  Sure!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1/2 cup (94g)
Servings Per Container   3.5

Amount Per Serving
Calories  260from Fat  140
% Daily Value*
Total Fat  15g27%
- Sat Fat  9g45%
- Trans Fat  0g
Cholesterol  35mg15%
Sodium  60mg3%
Total Carbohydrate  28g9%
- Dietary Fiber   2g8%
- Sugars  22g
Protein  5g

Vitamin A   6%Vitamin C   0%
Calcium   10%Iron   8%


  1. Nice! This is the one that first caught my eye, I love this brand already :)

    Can't wait to hear about those so called "liquid choc chips" in the raspberry vanilla flavor.

    1. oh man, i hadn't even though about that... they'll probably be awesome.

  2. I wish I could try these Wonka flavors even though the container on this one makes me dizzy.

    1. ha, understandable! (and they are all similar)

      I wonder if they will stack these right side up or design side up?

  3. I dunno Dubba ... I bought this on sale .. it had a Chocolate flavor much like the flavor of a convenience store chocolate snack cake -- not the flavor of top-notch Chocolate you'd expect from an ice cream that, at full retail, charges premium price ...

    No amount of cutesy verbiage will make this a top contender .... if it were on sale about $3 (for less than a pint, by the way) it would be a good value ....

    1. hmmm, I may have not underscored that point enough in my review. I mentioned that it's not the best chocolate flavor, but it was the truffle bits that won me over. I wont argue that base couldn't be better.


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